What is PPC: A Beginner's Guide

In the world of online advertising, "pay per click" is a method of pricing that allows advertisers to pay for clicks to their advertisements. It's an "fair" and efficient method of advertising. You can learn more about this topic on our page https://five.media/ppc-services/

What is the reason behind PPC Advertising?

It is, after all, appropriate that you pay per click instead of the amount of times an advertisement is displayed? One of the key factors to effective pay-per click advertising is to present ads to those who are interested and searching in your products specifically:

  • They are the perfect match for the specific semantics of searches made by users.
  • The effectiveness of contextual web content technology.
  • Customer behavior and preferences.

All Google's paid traffic is mainly based on the pay-per-click method. Other search engines, like Bing and Yahoo, Yandex (Russia) and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn employ pay-per-click methods for their advertising campaigns. There are alternatives, there are also.

What is the reason why Google AdWords Ads?

The advertiser has the option of deciding what amount they will cost per user (maximum cost per click) and how much to invest each day (daily budget for the campaign) Increase or reduce it at any point. Google AdWords is one of the biggest and most effective advertising platforms available and is well-suited to advertisers with any financial capacity. Where can I advertise my advertisements? If there are several options available:

  • Text ads on advertisements on the Google search engine in and of itself (ad campaign (also known as SEM searches)
  • Product Ads (PLA) - Advertising for E-commerce advertiser.
  • Ads with text and images on web pages and online application (media advertising)
  • Video ads in-stream (YouTube as well as YouTube True View advertisements)

All of the mentioned above (text, graphics, PLA, etc.) You may and should make use of Remarketing technology, which lets you show advertisements to people who have already visited your site , or other websites with similar themes.