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The Status and Future of Production Ottawa

Production Ottawa: If we're not covering it, it's not happening.

Production Ottawa was started with the goal of becoming a singular repository of information for everything happening in Ottawa and places nearby – the more that’s happening in a thriving and growing city, the more important it is to have a single place to find out about it all. It’s been a good 18-months but where do we go from here?

Dispelling the Myth: Ottawa’s Non-Existant Theatre Scene?


You may have noticed (and appreciated) of late that our Production Calendar has taken on new life.  It’s filled to the brim!  So I thought I’d take a moment to both introduce myself, as well as identify what was the impetus for this new surge of activity.  Production Ottawa was already well on its way […]

OP-ED: Advice for Aspiring Film Makers

Production Ottawa: If we're not covering it, it's not happening.

Let me tell you about what happened to me. A few days ago I responded to a casting call. Actually, I had to track down the casting director since proper contact information was not forthcoming at first. Neither was any pertinent details about the project for that matter. That should have been my first clue that something was off

Editorial: So here it is.

Production Ottawa: If we're not covering it, it's not happening.

This city has an enormous and growing amount of talent at all levels of production. But what’s happening is practically a segregation of information sources, making it harder and harder to get the information you want as the amount of information worth knowing continues to grow and making half the battle is tracking down the information. And it shouldn’t be that hard.