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VALERIE’S REVIEW: Under the Mango Tree @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Veenesh Dubois (cred Gabriel Morosan)

Veenesh Dubois presents a semi autobiographical one-woman show about the letters exchanged between a father and daughter in Fiji and Canada.

ALLAN’S REVIEW: The Show Must Go On @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Jeff Leard (cred Dahlia Katz)

Following up last year’s hit, Gametes and Gonads, Jeff Leard brings The Show Must Go On to Ottawa this year. The Show Must Go On builds from Leard’s experiences and three decades of stories heard during his two years travelling with a children’s theatre troupe. Should you see it?

ALLAN’S REVIEW: Disilluion @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Disillusion Poster

Produced by local company, Glassiano Productions, Disillusion is psychological drama set on death row that explores the distinction between justice and punishment. Should you see it?

ALLAN’S REVIEW: Die, Zombie. Die! @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

die zombie die

When would it be a bad thing to kill a zombie? And what is not everybody agreed? Local company Punchbag Playhouse brings you the world premiere of Richard Hemphill’s zombie murder mystery comedy. Should you see it?

ALLAN’S REVIEW: slut (r)evolution @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Cameryn Moore (cred Caleb Cole)

A welcome and last minute replacement to the 2013 Ottawa fringe Festival, slut (r)evolution is Cameryn Moore’s autobiographical tale about her sexual awakening and exploration. It’s one of three shows that have all been well traveled to critical acclaim. Should you see it?

ALLAN’S REIVEW: Around Miss Julie

Miss Julie

Around Miss Julie is a brand new Canadian play brought to Ottawa Fringe by a group of Concordia grads. It takes a look at the uncertainty of being in your early twenties, at the hilarious and sometimes manic process of putting on a play, and the relationships we develop or destroy along the way. Should you see it?

ALLAN’S REVIEW: The Vanity Project


From Vanity Project Productions and writer/director Tim Oberholzer, The Vanity Project is an original musical that questions if Narcissus’s reputation for vanity might not be all there is to the story or even true at all. Should you see it?


We Glow (cred Kevin Orr)

Ottawa’s own Brad Long and Emily Pearlman invite audiences into the board room to hear them out while they argue for their jobs back in their corporate ladder-climbing satire, We Glow. Should you see it?

ALLAN’S REVIEW: La Voix Humaine

La voix

Toronto’s Opera 5 is doing a unique thing and bringing the opera to Ottawa Fringe. La Voix Humaine is about a young woman on a phone call to her lover of five years, who’s abandoned her and one day away from marrying another woman. Should you see it?


Caithream 4 (cred Laura Birch)

Ottawa’s Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion had a huge hit on their hands with last year’s Highland dance retelling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, A MacSummer Night’s Dream. This year, they bring a similar fusion of storytelling, theatre, song, and dance with Passages about a Scottish Clan’s exile from their homeland and subsequent resettlement. Should you see it?