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Siloam Entertainment presents The Percy Harris Story *Movie Premiere*

Percy Harris Story

Written by Brian Lutes and directed by Brian Lutes and Donald Lanouette, this war drama was cast and shot in the Ottawa area, and is now being presented to an audience for the first time.

Treepot Media presents the Treepot Cliffhanger Project


Treepot Media, well known for their Indie Filmmaker Showcases presented at various locations around town (including the ByTowne and Mayfair cinemas, as well as their ‘Under the Stars’ version at Dundonald Park) are offering a new challenge for local independent filmmakers.

OIFF Announces its Fifth 72 Hour Film Challenge

oiff feature

The Ottawa International Film Festival has announced its annual 72 Hour Film Challenge and local filmmakers are already getting their teams ready in anticipation.

A.C.T. (Acting for Cinema & Television) presents Mrs. Dally Has A Lover **RUN EXTENDED**

Mrs. Dally Has A Lover

Local acting training and workshop studio, A.C.T., brings William Hanley’s 1962 play of a torrid love affair to their stage for public performance this week. Learn about Mrs. Dally has a Lover.

Can you Survive the Holidays? A Petrov family Christmas.

Survive the Holidays

Have you met the family that makes the Adams Family look like ideal neighbours? They’ve got a Christmas sing-along for you.

REVIEW: Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal

Eddie The Sleepwalking Cannibal poster

Produced by local company Quiet Revolution Productions and filmed here in Ottawa, this Canadian zombie flick aired at various international film festivals over the past year and had its theatrical premiere in Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary at the end of September. Now available on iTunes, it’s time for Canadian horror fans to check it out. Should you see it?


The Day

Post-apocalyptic thriller and locally-produced feature “The Day” was released on DVD and Blu-Ray last week (and is available on iTunes as of this week). Low-budget with a small cast, but stylistic in its execution, it was very fairly well-received at both the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival and 2012 Ottawa International Film Festival. Should you see it?

REVIEW: House at the End of the Street

House at the End of the Street Review

Jennifer Lawrence (of Hunger Games fame) is the star of House at the End of the Street - the Zed Filmworks produced flick that saw a wide theatrical release this weekend. Should you see it?

The 3rd Ottawa International Film Festival

Opening night of the 3rd Ottawa International Film Festival

This year marks the third year for the Ottawa International Film Festival and it continues to grow as a showcase of both local and international works. Read all about this year’s event on Production

Fear Returns when Brett Kelly Resurrects the Bonesetter

Brett Kelly returns to the fear with a new Bonesetter movie.

NEWS: For his next project, local micro-indy film director, Brett Kelly, is returning to familiar ground and revisiting his modestly successful Bonesetter series for a new story in the horror franchise.