Coverage Policies

Production Ottawa’s mandate is to be the most thorough and comprehensive source of media coverage for theatre and independent film production in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Our sphere of coverage applies to

  • independent movie and theatrical events that are open to the public
  • activities that lead to movie and theatrical events that will be open to the public,
  • the people and companies who make these things happen.
NOTE: With the exception of reviews, please allow approximately one week for publication of any article. 


Providing that news falls within our coverage sphere as listed above, we will publish an article to make sure our readers are aware. Many times we will only be able to publish articles based on the information contained in press releases so it is important that releases be as thorough as possible.

In cases where we would like to do a more detailed article (or where needed information is missing from the release) we will email to gather more information. We always request appropriate photos to accompany articles.

NOTE: We can only publish articles providing we have sufficient information to go to press with.


We make best efforts to send members of our team out to every event related to our sphere of coverage that we’re aware of/invited to. Providing we’re able to get team members out to events, we will publish an article with coverage on the event.

In as many cases as possible and appropriate, we will also send a Production Ottawa photographer out to cover the event in photos.


Our policy is to publicize every production on the verge of opening to the public (generally in the week leading up to it). Our aim is to see that word about your production gets out to the public. While we do reach out where and when we can, it is ultimately up to production companies to get in touch with us and provide us the minimum needed info to get an article posted.

The intent of preview articles is to answer the question:

What can Ottawa expect when they come to your show?

At minimum, our policy is to publish an article based on a press release you send us. Release should include show synopses as well as key cast and crew info and any special information of merit that might entice potential audiences to come and see your show. We also ask for photos (one or two in high quality) to go with any article we publish. We may additionally follow-up by email asking for additional information of quotes.

Where possible, we will follow-up with additional preview coverage options. Providing certain additional requirements are met by your production, we may be able to send our video and/or photography team to produce a three-to-five minute video preview or to take photos for a production gallery.

  • In most cases, we only produce full preview videos for productions that have more than sixteen (16) shows and that run over multiple weeks. Full preview videos include taking video of a short scene from the production (shot multiple times) plus conducting two video interviews with key cast and crew. Please allow one-hour for us to collect video and to do photography.
  • By request, we will shoot “Quick Looks” or mini-previews for shows that don’t meet the minimum number of shows listed above. For this option, interview subjects (one cast member and the director, or two cast members) may be required to come and meet us at a convenient location.
  • We will send a photographer to your media call whenever it’s possible to do so based on scheduling.
  • Scheduling may also affect our ability to do any video production.

NEW: Preview articles will now link to any reviews and other online coverage for the production. This to continue our aim of providing one stop for Ottawa to find all available and useful information on the production in question.

NOTE: We also make many of our photos available, on request, to the companies and actors if they would like to use them for their own promotion and/or portfolios. We do require that all photos are attributed to Production Ottawa and/or the specific photographer.


It is our policy to review every production we can get one of our team of reviewers out to. Scheduling prevents us from reviewing everything, but we try.

Our policy is to have reviews online within thirty-six hours of attendance. We will often publish within twelve hours.

NOTE: We no longer produce video reviews.

While every reviewer – and indeed every audience member – will draw something different from a theatrical experience, all of our reviewers review shows with an eye towards answering the question – What can Ottawa expect when they come and see your show?

Our policy is to focus on pointing out the stand-out merits (or calling out major false beats) of the show; the things that most people will leave remembering. We do not set out to critically dissect anything and instead answer the two most important questions that the average audience member cares about:

  • Does the show work?
  • Is the show entertaining (in the way it’s meant to be entertaining)?

NEW: We now give Ottawa a chance to quickly and easily tell each other what they think of every show. Live update five star audience ratings are now included as a part of every review page. (No registration is required to vote.) 

NEW: To recognize that some shows reach a seriously high caliber compared to the average, we will now be recognizing shows that are mind-blowingly amazing by posting achievement badges (small graphics) on review pages. These could include “Not To Miss” or “Outstanding Acting” or “Too Funny For Words.”