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New General Director hired to revitalize Opera Lyra Ottawa

The end of the concert at Opera Lyra's Garden Party

Opera Lyra’s Garden Party, hosted by the Italian Ambassador to Canada, also marked the first appearance of Opera Lyra’s newly hired General Director, John Peter Jeffries. Mr. Jeffries will bring a new vision and leadership to Opera Lyra after a series of setbacks last year. Read about the party, the new GD, and Le Boheme.

The Great Canadian Theatre Company announces its new Artistic Director

Eric Coates becomes the new Artistic Director of the Great Canadian Theatre Company

This recent 2011/2012 season for the Great Canadian Theatre Company marked the last season under artistic director, Lise Ann Johnson, who stepped down from the position after seven years providing the GCTC’s audiences with great Canadian theatre. At the beginning of July, the GCTC announced that Eric Coates will succeed her as the company’s new artistic director.

10 Minutes with Natalie Joy Quesnel

10 Minutes with Natalie Joy Quesnel

During the final days (rather, on the final day) of the 2012 Ottawa Fringe Festival, we caught up with Natalie Joy Quesnel, executive producer for the festival. Watch 10 Minutes with Natalie Joy Quesnel.

10 Minutes with Ken Godmere

Vernus Says SURPRISE at Ottawa Fringe 2012

As the 2012 Ottawa Fringe wound down, we pulled aside Ken Godmere to talk a bit about his hit show Vernus Says SURPRISE! Watch our 10 Minutes with Ken Godmere

10 Minutes with Patrice Forbes and Mike Doiron (Dead Unicorn Ink)

10 Minutes with Patrice Forbed and Mike Doiron

During Ottawa Fringe 2012, we managed to sit down and have a nice chat with two of three souls behind Dead Unicorn Ink, creators of hit shows in both the 2012 (Space Mystery from Outerspace) and 2011 (Playing Dead) Fringe Fests. Watch our 10 Minutes with Dead Unicorn Ink.