Put On a Mask at the GCTC for Culture Days

On September 29th, Great Canadian Theatre Company will celebrate Culture Days by hosting a free Mask Making workshop at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre. 

From the official press release:

Ottawa ON, (September 29, 2012) – GCTC is very excited to be included amongst nearly 7,000 free activities that are already registered to take place in some 800 communities across Canada for the third annual Culture Days. As the second largest professional theatre company in Ottawa, this presents us with an extraordinary opportunity to share our passion and interact directly with the community in which we practice our craft. This is a unique way for us to introduce many potentially theatre goers to GCTC in a really engaging way. Partnering with the City of Ottawa Community Arts Program we will share the creative process of mask making so members of the public are able to fully appreciate and understand what can be an exciting part of the magic of theatre.

From 11:00 am to 3:00 pm artist Veronique Claude will be instructing both adults and children in the art of mask making. Commedia dell’Arte is a form of theatre that uses masks. They can take on many forms such as full face, half face or just eyes. With each mask the actor has various restrictions and opportunities. GCTC will be presenting a play in our 2012-2013 season from Axis Theatre called The Number 14 which uses masks in it’s hilarious production of people on a bus. This workshop will use those and other masks as examples of what we can do.

Come join us at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre (corner of Holland and Wellington)

About Culture Days:

The third annual Culture Days will be celebrated in hundreds of cities and towns from coast to coast to coast, with thousands of free activities from a wide range of disciplines including: visual arts, music, dance, theatre, architecture, heritage, film and video, literature, culinary arts and new media. 1.2 million Canadians participated in over 6,000 activities spanning over 800 communities during Culture Days 2011. The momentum continues to build and participation in Culture Days 2012 is anticipated to surpass last year’s.

To learn more, please visit www.culturedays.ca


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