Episode #5, Talking Playwriting.

The episode where Andrew pushes Allan to drop some names, there’s talk about murder, bagpipes, puppies and politics, and (most importantly) we sit down to talk playwriting with Lawrence Aronovitch, the recently announced playwright in residence at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.

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In this episode, Andrew pushed me into dropping names for some of my favourite local actresses, so my question of the podcast to you is: who is somebody you just can’t help but love watching perform up on stage?

Links to everything we talked about:

The Hollow
Glace Bay Miner’s Museum (NAC website)
Julius Caesar

Find Lawrence at his online home: aronovitch.ca

You can check the front page of Production Ottawa for quick access to all the upcoming shows we mentioned.

Special thanks to the Great Canadian Theatre Company and the Ottawa Little Theatre for hosting Talking Theatre this week. Check out Fly Me To The Moon and The Hollow some time over the next couple weeks.

Talking Theatre is a bi-weekly podcast co-hosted by Allan Mackey (editor and lead reviewer for Production Ottawa) and Andrew Snowdon (theatre reviewer for Apt 613). We talk about theatre and things of interest to people interested in theatre.

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