What’s Happening In Ottawa:

Barely Even 1

JOSH’S REVIEW: Barely Even There @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Despite the strong vocal performances of its cast, Barely Even There suffers from cliché lyrics and dialogue, as well as too much melodrama. If some of the exchanges weren’t so on the nose, I may have been able to buy in. Should you see it?


Windfall Jelly @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Apples rot unless you use them. When the roof caves in, you’ve got no choice. How does love survive marriage? And when do the gods take a hand? Join Bear & Co. as the newest black comedy from Ottawa playwright Eleanor Crowder takes an unexpected turn. Be prepared for lightning bolts. Learn more about Windfall Jelly, with images.

We Glow (cred Kevin Orr)

We Glow @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

We come to you today, the distinguished board, to ask for our jobs back. We regret what we have done and promise it won’t happen again. We think. A corporate ladder-climbing satire. Directed by Kevin Orr. Sound design and stage managed by Sean Green.

Venue note: performance in the Senate Chambers, Room 0083. Learn more about We Glow, with images.

Vanity poster image

The Vanity Project @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Join Vanity Project Productions for the debut of its inventive new musical re-imagining the myth of Narcissus and Echo. A cautionary tale for an isolating age. Learn more about The Vanity Project, with images.

Tragicall 1 (cred Karl Claude)

The Tragicall Historie of Nick Wade (and Other Fuck Ups) @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Follows the cult-like rise and fall of a local band in the 1990s, after a half prophet/half psycho Nick Wade joins the group. Loud music and hyper-reality are used to tell this story of violence, obsession, growth, and destruction. Learn more about The Tragicall Historie of Nick Wade, with images.

THIS IS FUNNY 2 (cred Katerina MacDonald Brodaric)

This Is Funny @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

THIS IS FUNNY is a collective created by Monica Bradford-Lea, Dayna Loeper, Kathleen Simms-Elliott and Emma Monet, exploring what it means to be funny in today’s world. Learn more about This Is Funny, with images.


Tinfoil Satellite @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Two roommates find themselves sitting at home with nothing to do. Joined by their “friend” and other strange guests, they are subjected to one awful movie after another, with only each other’s riffs to make it bearable. It’s comedy. It’s at the Oak. There’s alcohol. Nuff said. Learn more about Tinfoil Satellite, with images.

Miss Julie

MATTHEW’S REVIEW - Around Miss Julie @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Hopegrown Productions presents Around Miss Julie, a play about a group of actors who come together to rehearse and perform a pulpy, purple-prose adaptation of Miss Julie with the “guidance” of a young director who feels that she has something to prove. Coming in hot from Montreal Fringe, Around Miss Julie garnered two award nominations for Best English Theatre Performance & the Beyond the Mountain Award. Is Around Miss Julie worth the buzz? Should You See It?


JOSH’S REVIEW: Tinfoil Satellite @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Travel back to the 90s for some Mystery Science Theatre 3000 inspired fun. Three friends use their tinfoil satellite to steal their neighbour’s television signal and watch whatever is on. With some good riffing and interesting voluntary audience participation that impacts the show, Tinfoil Satellite is a relaxing and enjoyable time watching some so-bad-it’s-good movies. Should you see it?

Gustave and Nhar 2 (cred Josh Carter)

JOSH’S REVIEW: Nhar Moves (Super Bad Moves) @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Nhar Moves certainly involves a lot of travel, but if feels too slow throughout. It’s cute, but not enough so to save it from feeling a bit tedious. However, Kauffman’s quiet protagonist will get the occasional  chuckle out of you. Should you see it?


JOSH’S REVIEW: Keeper @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Keeper is a bizarre and very unique look at how memories are formed and define a person. Emma Zabloski really immerses herself in the role and uses parts of her own life, both funny and tragic, for the piece. This isn’t for everyone, and the necessary audience participation may scare off some people, but I’d encourage you to go in with an open mind. Should you see it?

Rock the Arts will be at Ottawa Fringe with Superhero Showdown

MATTHEW’S REVIEW - Superhero Showdown @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Superhero Showdown is a family, kid-centric puppet show by Rock the Arts. Kevin & Tillie, brother and sister puppets alongside one of their human counterparts tell stories that focus on them as superheroes, and throughout it all they find out that they don’t need superpowers to be a superhero. Should You See It?