The Great Canadian Theatre Company presents Fly Me To The Moon

John P. Kelly brings more Irish comedy to another Ottawa stage as Marie Jones’s latest opens at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.

Director John P. Kelly and cast members Mary Ellis and Margo MacDonald talk about Fly Me To The Moon:

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Frances and Loretta in Fly Me To The MoonFly Me to the Moon is a black comedy with an Irish twist about a workday that goes from bad to worse. Frances and Loretta are home care workers in Belfast. They take care of an elderly man named Davy, who has a passion for Frank Sinatra and playing the ponies. When Davy dies in the loo, Frances and Loretta tell one small lie that leads to another and another… and then another.  Their attempt to beat the system throws them headlong into a wild ride.

Fly Me To The Moon runs at the Great Canadian Theatre Company from October 30th until November 18th. Shows run at 8pm Tuesdays through Fridays, 4pm and 8:30pm Saturdays, and Sundays at 2pm. Tickets are $45 with discounts for seniors and students. They can be purchased at the GCTC box office on 1233 wellington, by phone at 613-236-5196 or online at the Great Canadian Theatre Company website.

The play was directed by John P. Kelly, and stars Mary Ellis and Margo MacDonald.

Bonus video! Margo MacDonald and Mary Ellis talk about their characters:

Trouble with the video? Watch directly on Youtube.

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