Cultural Sights of Ottawa: What to Visit?

Ottawa is a surprisingly calm and well-kept city with a measured rhythm of life. There are no industrial enterprises with smoking chimneys, so it can boast of good ecology. Thanks to the active development and financial injections, the city has become a modern and comfortable place to live. So, where to go in Ottawa?

  • National Gallery of Canada

This is one of the most famous museums in Ottawa. Its glass and granite building with octagonal towers was designed by the famous architect Moshe Safdie and built in 1988. However, many people are amazed not only by the building itself but by what stands in front of it. And this is nothing more than a nearly ten-meter metal spider that has a quite a scary look. Here you can find girl for marriage. But still, you will be amazed.

  • Canadian Military Museum

This museum is dedicated to the national military history, and it contains a lot of materials, starting with documents and artifacts that have been in existence for several centuries. There are exhibitions related to the wars that took place on the territory of present-day Canada and also dedicated to world military conflicts of the 20th century, including the Cold War and foreign operations, in which Canadian troops took part.

  • Canadian Museum of History

Canada’s most visited museum on this side of the Ottawa River, in Gatineau, is a museum that formerly had the name of the Canadian Museum of Civilization. It is located in the Hull district, directly across the river from Parliament Hill. The main task of the museum is to collect, study, preserve and show objects that reflect the history of the people who inhabited the territory of present-day Canada from the most ancient times, as well as the cultural heterogeneity of these people. The history of the museum itself dates back to 1856, which makes it one of the oldest in all of North America.

  • Parliament Hills

This is a gothic castle of the early 20th century, in which the government of Canada has sessions. It is built of gray granite and looks like the Palace of Westminster. The central building of the castle is the World Tower with a clock dial, which is dedicated to the Canadians killed in the First World War. The architectural complex includes a castle and a number of monuments in honor of famous people.

  • Rideau Canal

The channel was dug in 1832, which makes it the oldest waterway of artificial origin in North America. It connects the cities of Kingston and Ottawa. The length of the channel is 202 km, it is designed for the passage of rather bulky ships. In summer, tourist ships cruise along the Rideaux. In winter, there is a huge ice rink with a length of about 8 km.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica

This is Ottawa Gothic cathedral. Until 1841, a wooden church was there. It was demolished to make room for new construction. The main part of the cathedral was ready by 1846 and the spiers were installed 20 years later. Notre Dame is the oldest church in Ottawa. In 1990, the building fell into the list of national monuments of Canada.