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Lewis Carrol’s classic Alice stories saw a young girl twice enter a world of magic, wonder, and nonsense to help her find herself and make sense of growing up and the world around her. Ottawa production company, Valley Wind Productions is taking a reimagined and grown-up Alice  on a new adventure through the Looking Glass in their latest production, Legend of the Looking Glass.

While not scheduled to go into production until this summer, Valley Wind Productions produced a seven-minute short film back in October to give people a sneak peek into this new Wonderland. The video is a teaser-styled prologue intended to introduce the main characters of Legend of the Looking Glass and set up the Wonderland that Alice will have to navigate.


From their website:

Legend of the Looking Glass is a dark and emotional steampunk-inspired fantasy that thrusts an adult Alice - going by Ice - into the chaotic and magical world of Wonderland where she finds herself immediately on the run from agents of the Bloody Queen of Hearts and forced to ally herself with those who are fighting to overthrow her.

Legend of the Looking Glass follows as an indirect sequel to Valley Wind Production’s previous feature length movie, Legend of Oz, which is a similar retelling of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum. Find more information about Legend of the Looking Glass or for Legend of Oz (including a trailer) at either of their official websites:

Legend of the Looking Glass — http://anendtomadness.com
Legend of Oz — http://legendofoz.com

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