The Ottawa Blogroll.

As part of our commitment to connecting each and every person in the production community to one another, we decided to set up a full on blogroll listing every blogger out there in (or from) Ottawa. Use the form below to send us your blog address and a short description of who you are and what your blog about. Keep in mind: short. We’ll cut your description off after about 15-20 words.

The only criteria for getting listed here -aside from having a blog- is listing us in exchange. Put a link to the main page of Production Ottawa ( somewhere on the main page of your blog and we’ll list you here. Are you on Twitter? Vlogging it up YouTube? Tumbling it up? We’ve got plans for you, too. So send us your info.

 (We’ll start posting the actual blogroll soon. Give us some time to collect addresses, we did just launch after all.)

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