GCTC announces Ottawa playwright Lawrence Aronovitch as Playwright in Residence.

The Great Canadian Theatre Company

The Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC) welcomes Ottawa playwright Lawrence Aronovitch as Playwright in Residence. This position, integral to the company’s new play development mandate, is funded by the Ontario Arts Council’s Playwriting Residency program.

Episode #5, Talking Playwriting.

Talking Theatre, starting the discussin about theatre in Ottawa

The episode where Andrew pushes Allan to drop some names, there’s talk about murder, Coal Mines and politics, and (most importantly) we sit down to talk playwriting with Lawrence Aronovitch, the recently announced playwright in residence at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.

REVIEW: Ex Cathedra @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

Maire Robertson in Ex Cathedra

Ex Cathedra, presented by Troupe de la Lune, is a story of trust, deceit, denial, and revisiting past relationships. Should you see it?

Extremely Short Reviews from The Extremely Short Play Festival

Extremely Short Play Festival (Andrew Alexander)

My assignment for the Extremely Short Play Festival was to write some extremely short reviews. Check out the eleven micro reviews and than an overview of the night.

Three Big Events You’ll Kick Yourself For Missing this Weekend


Already seen Beyond a Joke and Death and the Maiden? Not interested? Just looking for something a little more original? Well then, sir or madam, you are in luck. This weekend(ish), there are three – yes, three – great events that are all a bit out of the ordinary. Let’s talk about The Extremely Short Play Festival, The Canterbury Children’s Theatre Festival, and SubDevision.

REVIEW: Translations

Production Ottawa review for Translations

Brian Friel’s Translations sees a small Irish town put upon by British soldiers who are there to create a new map of the area with anglicized names. Former resident of the town, Owen, has been hired by the Bristish to act as translator and facilitator for the job, putting him right in the middle of the ensuing conflict. Should you see it?

OLT and Tara Players Present Translations

Production Ottawa preview of Translation, presented by the Ottawa Little Theatre

Translations, presented in concert by the Ottawa Little Theatre and Tara Players, is set in a small town in Ireland*, where British soldiers are coming in to make a new map and effectively anglicize the country. Is there time for love or friendship in a fight to preserve your culture? We’ve got a video preview!

A look into Wonderland

A look at Valley Wind Productin's latest project.

Ottawa production company, Valley Wind Productions is taking a reimagined and grown-up Alice from Lewis Carroll’s classic stories on a new adventure through the Looking Glass in their latest production, Legend of the Looking Glass. We look at the teaser-styled prologue they shot in late 2011

The Funnies: WINDCAST (Jan)

January Funnies, Windcast presents Old-Timet Mike and Meghan

Windcast, produced by Valley Wind Productions, is a regular feature of Production Ottawa, with new videos posted at the beginning of every month. Think of them like the funnies of more traditional media. For more information on this video or to watch more episodes, visit it’s YouTube page and see the video description.