The Great Canadian Theatre Company presents The Edward Curtis Project

The Edward Curtis Project asks the question — when do you put down the camera and tell the real story? A collaboration between the National Arts Centre, and the Great Canadian Theatre Company (all shows presented at the GCTC) this visual and poetic journey opens on April 4.

Marie Clements and Todd Duckworth talk about the Edward Curtis Project and give you a peak at the show:

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The Edward Curtis Project, running at the Great Canadian Theatre CompanyWhile on assignment in the far north, Angeline, a Métis reporter, stumbles upon a story that is so haunting, she is unable to erase the images, and it compels her to question the role of reporters as witnesses and the accepted notions of the strength and spirit of aboriginal peoples. Along the way she challenges Edward Curtis, the iconic turn of the century photographer who created a photographic record of “the vanishing race of the North American Indian”. Poetic and visually stunning, her journey is brought to life through video, photography, music and choreography.

Marie Clements asked photojournalist Rita Leistner to create a parallel photographic investigation of Edward Curtis’ work—to question the practice of documentary photography with the very medium under scrutiny.  Leistner spent two years retracing Curtis’ footsteps, traveling to First Nations communities throughout North America.  The Edward Curtis Project Exhibit by Rita Leistner  will be on display in the Lorraine Fritzi Gallery, upper lobby of GCTC.

The show is written and directed by Marie Clements.  It stars Kathleen Duborg, Todd Duckworth, Kevin Loring and Quelemia Sparrow.

The show runs from April 2nd to 21st at the Great Canadian Theatre’s Irving Greenberg Theatre. Tickets for the show are $45, with discounts for seniors and students. They can be purchased online at the GCTC website, by calling 613.236.5196, or in person at the box office at 1233 Wellington Street West.

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All photos taken for Production Ottawa by David Pasho. Also check out the larger gallery on our Facebook page.

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Preview article prepared by Allan Mackey and Reena Belford.
Video preview produced by Valley Wind Productions.
Producer: Eduardo Sousa/Allan Mackey
Photographer: David Pasho


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