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Ottawa’s own Brad Long and Emily Pearlman invite audiences into the board room to hear them out while they argue for their jobs back in their corporate ladder-climbing satire, We Glow.

Should you see it?

FourWhen Brad Long and Emily Pearlman come out to play, Ottawa notices. So it’s no surprise that We Glow often had a waiting list before each show.

Two very career-minded corporate execs meet and fall in something resembling love. … Or maybe we just say they decide upon a mutual beneficial coupling arrangement based on mutual attraction and similar mindedness (i.e., children and coupling being stepping stones to help them get ahead in their careers). Like I said, something resembling love.

Pressures rise at work. Stress rises. There’s an incident. Both find themselves in front of their mutual bosses, arguing for their jobs back after some forced time away. They argue their case to their bosses and their audience, maybe learning something more important along the way.

We Glow (cred Kevin Orr)The show is set in the Senate Chamber of Tabaret Hall (basically a board room) and they make full use of the space – from the phone to the white board to the windows to, most unconventionally, the board room table - to the point where it isn’t hard to imagine the piece was created to be site-specific.

For good reason, Brad Long and Emily Pearlman are both superstars. What they’ve put together with We Glow is a funny, lightning quick show with wonderfully strong and robust performances. It’s a show that will give you a lot of what you expect as well as taking you to places you didn’t and couldn’t have expected while delivering a huge amount of heart. There’s really nothing else like it around. At all. See it.

But that’s just my opinion and I’d love to know what you think? Did the show just not do it for you? How about them crabs? Tell me in the comments below.

For more information on We Glow, check out our preview article.

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