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REVIEW: All My Sons

Ottawa Little Theatre Presents All My Sons

Ottawa Little Theatre’s recently opened All My Sons kicks off 2013 with the fourth show of their ten shows from ten decades which celebrates their 100th season. The award-winning, Arthur Miller penned drama is set shortly after the end of WWII and was previously produced by Ottawa Little Theatre in 1949 and then again in 1984. Should you see it?

Ottawa Little Theatre presents All My Sons

All My Sons

The Ottawa Little Theatre begins the new year with a drama by Arthur Miller, written in 1947 and originally performed by OLT in 1949. Learn about All My Sons.

REVIEW: Beyond a Joke


A young man overhears his future parents-in-law having a conversation about mysterious deaths and is left with the impression that they might be killing people. That’s the comedic engine in Derek Benfield’s Beyond a Joke, being presented by the Ottawa Little Theatre. Should you see it?

Ottawa Little Theatre presents Beyond a Joke


In Ottawa Little Theatre’s presentation of Beyond a Joke, confusion and hilarity ensue when a miscommunication causes a young man to suspect that his parents-in-law are responsible for a series of deaths on their estate. Check out our video/photo preview.