Life at Fringe, Day Seven Recap

Lucky number seven.Wednesday was a low schedule day just on account of how things worked out. We did however continue vlogging and talked to the writer-director of Don’t Make Me Zealous, one of the writer-performers of This is Today, and Fringe superstar, Sandrine Lafond creator of Little Lady.

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On day seven, we ran into Matt Minter (Writer-director, Don’t Make Me Zealous) a couple of time so figure we should chat with him on camera. We then talked to Karina Milech about her all-woman show This is Today, and finally we tracked down one of Fringe 2012′s earliest superstars, Sandrine Lafond, for whom Ottawa was buzzing about her show week’s before Fringe even began.

If you’re not familiar with the vlog “style” of video-journalism, see the brief note in day one’s article for an explanation.

This’ll be a short recap because (a) it was a short day, and (b) I gotta back to processing reviews.

By day seven, people are starting to get exhausted, so the low-schedule day was probably a good thing. Let’s us rest a teensy bit (yeah, right) and come back swinging for the last weekend. Matthew was away entirely at some movie screening for that other thing reviewing we do, and transpo issues caused Kurt to miss his first show. He did get to his second show, Kuwaiti Moonshine, and had only good things to say. Me, I’ve been starting to pick up shows I missed out over the first weekend. Wednesday was 2020 and Fallen: The Book of Samael. Sadly, I wasn’t blown away by either.

In between shows, I ran into Matt Minter, the writer-director of Don’t Make Me Zealous. I actually run into him quite often around Fringe, always hustling to promote, so I thought I’d put him on camera this time. Then, between shows, I ran into Karina Milech who’d been avoiding letting me put her on camera, and Sandrine Lafond, who I’d wanted to talk to since she’s been in town. I hope you enjoyed.

With this being a bit behind going online, I can already tell you who’s in the day 8 vlog. But I won’t. ‘Cause, spoilers.

See ya around Fringe.


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