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VALERIE’S REVIEW: Windfall Jelly @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Eleanor Crowder’s new show focuses on a marriage in trouble, and all the people revolving around it. They’re all connected to a pot of apple jelly one of the characters makes as the action happens, seemingly trying to recapture the family’s happiness through a recipe.

Should you see it?


ThreeAlthough Windfall Jelly is advertised as a dark comedy, it’s not really comedic at all. It definitely skews more towards Greek tragedy and family drama. Its connection to the steps involved in making apple jelly is what made it interesting. The emphasis on the metaphor drove home the points of Windfall Jelly, but also took away  from its characters.

What happens when a marriage falls apart? And is there any way it can be put back together, much like a crumbling roof? These are the questions that Windfall Jelly asks, and doesn’t really answer. It’s effectively staged by Eleanor Crowder, and each scene is connected to a different step in making apple jelly.

The standout performer is Emma Ferrante as Ash, a teenager who babysits the children of the couple central to Windfall Jelly. She manages to find the comedy in her lines and feels like the only character we really know after a short 45 minutes. I do wish that Windfall Jelly was longer, as it feels like we barely know its six-person cast by the end. However, it’s a well directed, interesting piece and worth a look.

But that’s just my opinion and I’d like to know what you think. Tell me in the comments below.

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