Talking Theatre #3, Talking Stage Managing

Allan Mackey and Andrew Snowdon chat with a couple of the unsung heroes in the theatre world - stage managers, Anna Lindgren and Ashley Proulx. Then, hear what Andrew had to say about the Ottawa stage Manager Battle.


Remember those guys who used to talk about theatre? We went and fell off the radar for a while but we’re back and will hopefully be hiccup free for a good long while now that we’ve worked a few bugs out. (Mainly, where the heck are we gonna we record this thing on a regular basis - the exciting answer to which will reveal itself soon.)

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Links to what we talked about:

Andrew’s thoughts on the Stage Manage Battle
Kevin Reid of the Visitorium also talked about the stage manager battle.


Special thanks out to our guests, Anna Lindgren, and Ashley Proulx. Also, Bluebird Coffee for putting up with us.

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