Top 6 romantic destinations of Canada

Imagine taking your girl to a beautiful place in Canada. But since Canada is perceived as something very dull and not exciting, we collaborated with to bust those myths and show you that Canada is one of the most romantic places globally.

What spots can you visit with your girlfriend, and how to make it one of the best getaways in your life? Here are our top destinations to visit for a romantic trip:

1. Whistler, British Columbia

Imagine a day where both of you get to sled down beautiful winter hills and spend time in a hot tub outside with your better half. Alternatively, you can spend the day and night sitting by the fireplace together while all of the trepidations go away. Whistler is one of those places where you feel more than lucky, oozing with abundance and being presented with many chances of romantic recreation. This city is known for active sports in the outside areas and kissing couples. It’s a number one west-coast romantic spot. A combination of chill air and the opportunity to relax inside sounds like the coziest getaway with a beloved person.

2. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a place wildly known as the number one wedding venue and a dating spot. It’s also popular because of its excentric scenery, wine yards, and a Shaw Festival. In addition, this city breathes romance, having yards of vibrant gardens and old-fashioned buildings turned into charming small stores and restaurants. Moreover, here you can take a horse ride across the city, taste the best wine, and relax in a spa-center with your better half. Whatever romantic plan you are up to, Niagara-on-the-Lake has every option for lovey-doves.

3. Newfoundland

If the province has towns called Heart’s Desire, Heart’s Content, and Cupids, that’s how you know that Valentine’s day never ends here. Couples in love strive to find a quiet place to get away from the usual routine, and these cities seem like the main remedy. Here you can taste the local cuisine, visit local artists’ exhibitions and immerse into the unique, calm, and homely atmosphere. It is what makes Newfoundland such a romantic and unforgettable place.

4. Le St-James hotel in Montreal

It doesn’t matter if it’s Valentine’s day or not; hotel staff will make it seem you live in a romantic fantasy world. A renowned building that used to be a bank now consists of a hotel and a restaurant. This place radiates style, class, and romance, which will help you get closer as a couple. Give in to the atmosphere of Le St-James hotel meant for couples. Try cocktails, Swedish massage, and late checkout for couples who were too busy staying in.

5. Fairmont Jasper houses, Alberta

What can be more romantic and touching than cuddling the most favorite person in the four-star house in the mountains? So get ready for Fairmont Jasper houses in Alberta that will make your recreation simply unforgettable. In addition, the estate offers you active sports outside, such as snowboarding, kayaking, golf, skiing, and skating. The best and the most popular houses in the estate are Sunwapta Falls, Rocky Mountain Lodge, and many more.

6. Québec

Québec is truly the best of both worlds, combining a charming atmosphere of olden times, mesmerizing architecture, and a French-Canadian vibe. Québec is a perfect place for your newly written romantic novel. Walking past old-time buildings with a beloved person, shopping in quirky stores, and dining in one of the most restaurants seem like a delight. Québec is a city with European influence, so visiting it is a must for all cultured couples.