Fear Returns when Brett Kelly Resurrects the Bonesetter

For his next project, local micro-indy film director, Brett Kelly, is returning to familiar ground and revisiting his modestly successful Bonesetter series for a new story in the horror franchise. 

Official Release: 

Canadian genre director Brett Kelly, who is currently hard at work on the musical, zombie comedy MY FAIR ZOMBIE ( myfairzombiemovie.com ), has decided what his next project will be and it is somewhat familiar terrain with a new twist. Kelly will be relaunching his movie THE BONESETTER as a bigger-budgeted reboot. The original cult film was shot in 2002 and was a modest hit on DVD. The original was followed by a sequel, THE BONESETTER RETURNS.

The Bonesetter films are about a nineteenth century Quebec healer that kidnaps and murders children. A century later, the Bonesetter returns to continue his evil work.

The brand new movie, simply titled THE BONESETTER will be all new, not a retelling of the original film. Kelly says “I’m excited to revisit this character after so long. At the time there were many things that I wanted to accomplish with the character that I wasn’t able to do either because of the technology of the day or because of my green-ness to the biz at the time. The new Bonesetter film will kick ass and scare the pants of folks.”

Plans are to film THE BONESETTER in early 2013.

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