The most interesting cases in CS GO

Everyone who plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive wants to get a gorgeous skin for their favorite weapon and the cost of nice skins for these weapons can go upwards to several thousand. Of course, nobody would like to shell out that amount of money to purchase an item in the game. However, there are ways to obtain the desired skins for less money.

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Our Top CSGO Cases 

Dreams & Nightmares Case

Dreams & Nightmares Case from CS:GO was released on January 5, 2022, the first case sold for $4.03. On the first day, 1,322 cases were sold on the official marketplace. The case is free (conditionally) if you play in MM mode. The case is a container of circulation #339 and the price at the moment is quite nice.

Operation Broken Fang Case

Each new operation has distinct skins that compete with the previous releases. The Operation Broken Fang was no exception and the case also added several colorful skins for CS:GO . Alongside the numerous useful drops, which are beautiful and attractive This case is also separated from other cases by dropping a glove.

CS20 Case

This is an extremely unique scenario for CS:GO since it was released at the 20th anniversary of Counter-Strike. It includes some of the most beautiful skins that are available in CS:GO and all of them were designed in one manner or another by the game in its own.

 A few outstanding skins, such as the Glock-18 Sacrifice Aztec MP5-SD Agent and many more directly are a reference to the game, and the mere act of purchasing a few of these skins is amazing.

Glove Case

Another one of the glove cases. It was in the Glove Case that these accessories first appeared. Unfortunately, since their appearance in the game, the case has seriously increased in price. Now each yellow box costs at least 1.5 bucks on the Steam Marketplace. 

Despite that price, it's still the cheapest case with those gloves. The Hydra Operation case (which also contains Bloodhound Gloves Snakebite, Hand Wraps Slaughter, and every other pair of gloves) is at least $11 on the Marketplace. 

Horizon Case

This is the perfect scenario for people who don't have the purpose of locating an artifact, but simply need to access boxes and take out the original skins of the game. The cost is not much, and just 10 cents.

Alongside these cases in CS:GO, you must take note of other, equally attractive virtual chests, in which you could find a rare item and trade it in for just a few thousand dollars.

Websites and Cases

It's much more lucrative to create the cases CS:GO on specialized sites. These sites give players the possibility of obtaining the top skins with a tiny amount. Of course, there is no way to can guarantee that you will get back the minimum deposit however the odds of winning a big win on these websites increase by a significant amount.

Case-opening websites buy skins for wholesale prices during times of massive drawdowns. These items could remain in bots' inventory for many years, and then increase in value. In the event that you can recoup the opening only a tiny amount however, the website is operating in the red.

If you are looking to multiply the amount of money you deposit by a number of times, you'll need test. It is going to take trials and errors to identify the cases that offer decent winnings right now. Also, in this course it is essential to not lose the whole amount.

If you are you play on sites that offer case-opening CS:GO, you must abide by the following guidelines:

  • Use bonuses. Most of the time, in exchange for deposits of a particular amount, they offer a bonus on the depositor or open-to-all cases for free. Additionally, social networks, they often offer bonuses.
  • Take a look at the cases that are available. There may be a skin in a variety of themed cases. If you're looking for, make an attempt at knocking it from different cases.
  • Be aware of the best way to stop. If you feel that your game isn't performing well, it's best to get rid of all the equipment you've received, and then try to play again.