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REVIEW: The Comedy of Errors

Review: The Comedy of Errors, presented by Bear & Co.

Summetime is outdoor theatre time in Ottawa. And you really can’t argue when the theatre comes to you. Bear & Co toured parks around Ottawa this summer with Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, given the wild west treatment. Should you see it?

Bear & Co. presents The Comedy of Errors

A look at Bear & Co.'s The comedy of Errors

Bear & Co. is heading back to the wild west this summer as they set Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors out west and take it out into parks around Ottawa. One of Shakespeare’s earliest works, The Comedy of Errors (as the title might suggest) is also one of his funniest and most farce-like. Learn more about The Comedy of Errors, including photos and video.

ALLAN’S REVIEW: The Vanity Project


From Vanity Project Productions and writer/director Tim Oberholzer, The Vanity Project is an original musical that questions if Narcissus’s reputation for vanity might not be all there is to the story or even true at all. Should you see it?

VALERIE’S REVIEW: The Vanity Project @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Vanity poster image

The first thing that jumped into my head as The Vanity Project stated its motto (a cautionary tale for an isolating age): is this supposed to be a metaphor for the Facebook generation? should you see it?

MATTHEW’S REVIEW - The Vanity Project @ Ottawa Fringe 2013


The Vanity Project is an ambitious project. It’s a re-telling of the Greek classical tale of Narcissus who was so in love with his own reflection that Nemesis ultimately brings along his downfall. Tim Oberholzer is behind the writing, directing and even puts himself in one of the roles in this musical adaptation. should you see it?

VALERIE’S REVIEW: Windfall Jelly @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

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Eleanor Crowder’s new show focuses on a marriage in trouble, and all the people revolving around it. They’re all connected to a pot of apple jelly one of the characters makes as the action happens, seemingly trying to recapture the family’s happiness through a recipe. Should you see it?

Windfall Jelly @ Ottawa Fringe 2013


Apples rot unless you use them. When the roof caves in, you’ve got no choice. How does love survive marriage? And when do the gods take a hand? Join Bear & Co. as the newest black comedy from Ottawa playwright Eleanor Crowder takes an unexpected turn. Be prepared for lightning bolts.

The Vanity Project @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

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Join Vanity Project Productions for the debut of its inventive new musical re-imagining the myth of Narcissus and Echo. A cautionary tale for an isolating age.

Bear & Co. presents The Taming of the Shrew

Bear & Co.'s Taming of the Shrew

One of William Shakespeare’s most popular comedies, this play focuses on the battle of the sexes, this time with a twist: True to the original period, the Bears have opted to make this an all-male production.

REVIEW: Batboy: The Musical

The Production Ottawa review for Batboy: the Musical, produced by Black Sheep Theatre and presented at The Gladstone.

From tabloid tale to musical, thus is the story of Batboy. It’s the story of one of society’s outcasts just trying to fit in. Something we can all relate to. At least that’s the theory. Having opened yesterday at the Gladstone and running until February 2nd, Black Sheep Theatre puts that theory to the test. Should you see it?