The Capital Critics Circle Announces Nominees!

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The Capital Critics Circle recently announced the nominees for their English theatre awards, including both professional and community theatre, for plays presented in the 2011-2012 season.

REVIEW: 2020 @ The Ottawa Fringe Festival 2012

2020 at the Ottawa Fringe Festival

In J.P. Chartier’s play 2020, a husband and wife struggle to work out their issues at the same time as trying to deal with the wife’s father’s decision to opt-in for now legal doctor-assisted suicide. Should you see it?

Special Plans for Ottawa Little Theatre’s Centennial

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Ottawa Little Theatre is Ottawa’s oldest and longest running community theatre and has come a long way since it’s first night of shows in 1913. For this coming 100th season, they’ve chosen one of the best plays produced from every decade they’ve been in operation.

REVIEW: Beyond a Joke


A young man overhears his future parents-in-law having a conversation about mysterious deaths and is left with the impression that they might be killing people. That’s the comedic engine in Derek Benfield’s Beyond a Joke, being presented by the Ottawa Little Theatre. Should you see it?

Ottawa Little Theatre presents Beyond a Joke


In Ottawa Little Theatre’s presentation of Beyond a Joke, confusion and hilarity ensue when a miscommunication causes a young man to suspect that his parents-in-law are responsible for a series of deaths on their estate. Check out our video/photo preview.

REVIEW: I Hate Hamlet

REVIEW: I Hate Hamlet

Andrew Rally is a washed-up TV-actor who finds himself cast in the role of Hamlet and visited by the ghost of one of the most prolific Hamlets of all time: John Barrymore, whose job is to help get him ready. Only problem? Andrew doesn’t really want to play Hamlet and Barrymore can’t leave until he does. Should you see it?

OLT presents I Hate Hamlet

OLT presents I Hate Hamlet

When the ghost of the most prominent actor to grace the stage as Hamlet comes back from beyond, there’s seduction, swashbuckling, and laughter. A whole lot of laughter. I hate Hamlet opens at the Ottawa Little Theatre this week. We’ve got the preview.