Julius Caesar - The Participant Experience!

Photo credit: R. Belford

It’s not uncommon these days for theatre companies to experiment with breaking the fourth wall and interacting with the audience, but to include the audience in the performance?  Although this is often seen in pantomime, it’s unusual for a drama.  OSC’s latest show offers this unique opportunity to be part of the action.

REVIEW: Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar, produced by the Ottawa Shakespeare Company

Running at the new studio in Centrepointe Theatre, the Ottawa Shakespeare Company makes full use of technology to enhance their production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Should you see it?

The Ottawa Shakespeare Company presents Julius Caesar

Ottawa Shakespeare Company production of Julius Caesar

The Ottawa Shakespeare Company was founded in 2010 to bring contemporary and accessible Shakespeare to Ottawa. This year, they’re staging a contemporary and interactive version of the Shakespeare tragedy, Julius Caesar.

The Capital Critics Circle Announces Nominees!

Capital Critics Circle logo

The Capital Critics Circle recently announced the nominees for their English theatre awards, including both professional and community theatre, for plays presented in the 2011-2012 season.

REVIEW: Stones In His Pockets

Production Ottawa reviews Stones in his Pockets, a play by Marie Jones, directed by John P Kelly

Stones In His Pockets is a comedy with two actors and dozens of characters. Irishmen Jake and Charlie find themselves working as extras and navigating their way through a big budget Hollywood movie set that invades their small town in Ireland. Should you see it?

Fly With Stones; A Night of Irish Fun

Fly With Stones, celebrating two Irish plays.

What happens when two of Ottawa’s professional theatre companies both happen to have Irish plays going up written by the same playwright and directed by the same director? Well they throw an Irish themed shindig, naturally.

SevenThirty Productions presents Stones In His Pockets

Stones In His Pockets, presented by SevenThirty Productions at The Gladstone.

Director John P. Kelly has been waiting eight years to direct Marie Nolan’s most popular play about two Irishmen who find work as extras on a movie set when the Hollywood engine rolls into a small Irish town. It opens September 7th at The Gladstone - officially kicking off the 2012/2013 season.

The 3rd Ottawa International Film Festival

Opening night of the 3rd Ottawa International Film Festival

This year marks the third year for the Ottawa International Film Festival and it continues to grow as a showcase of both local and international works. Read all about this year’s event on Production Ottawa.com

REVIEW: Cyrano de Bergerac

cyrano de bergerac

Hercule Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac is a classic tragic hero. Master swordsman and master wordsmith alike with no shortage of panache and bravado. Hercule Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac is also a classic man in the friend-zone when the woman he loves, Roxanne, asks him to take the man she loves under his protection. Should you see it?