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REVIEW: Carousel

Orpheus Musical Theatre Society presents Carousel

For Orpheus Musical Theatre Society’s third production this year, they’ve chosen Rodgers & Hammerstien’s Carousel about a carousel barker names Billy Bigelow. Can Carousel match up to the success of Footloose and The Drowsy Chaperone from earlier this season? Should you see it?

REVIEW: The Drowsy Chaperone

Orpheus Musical Theatre's The Drowsy Chaperone

This Canadian musical is a parody of American musical comedy in the 20s told through the imagination of a middle-aged man as he listens to the record and provides wry commentary to the audience. Should you see it?

Orpheus Musical Theatre Society presents The Drowsy Chaperone

The Drowsy Chaperone produced by Orpheus Musical Theatre

Hot off their super-successful production of Footloose in the fall, Orpheus wants to bring you back to a simpler time as they bring The Drowsy Chaperone to Ottawa stages in March. Learn more about the Drowsy Chaperone.