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REVIEW: As You Like It

Anna Lewis in Bear & Co's As You Like It

After a successful Fringe Festival run with Tis Pity She’s a Whore, newly founded Bear & Co. holds their first full summer production with Shakespeare’s As You Like It, a story about love with a hint of mistaken identity. Should you see it?

Bear & Co. presents As You Like It

Bear & Co. presents As You Like It

William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, presented by Bear & Co. is one of Shakespeare’s most enduring pastoral comedies. Bear & Co. has updated the setting and select characters for a more modern context, including making the Dukes female.

REVIEW: The Suicide @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

The Suicide @ The 2012 Ottawa Fringe Festival

The Suicide is dark farce that sees Semyon Semyonovitch’s misspoken thought about killing himself spark an onslaught of manipulative pleas from unscrupulous characters to see it happen, for the right reasons. Should You See It?

Highlights from the Fringe 2012 Media Launch

Media Launch for the 2012 Ottawa Fringe Festival

Now that we’ve previewed Ottawa Fringe 2012, it’s time to preview Ottawa Fringe 2012. That’s just how we roll. This time we’re backing it up a bit to bring you the highlights from the Ottawa Fringe Festival 2012 media launch that happened on May 29th at the Lunenburg Pub & Bar. Just another look at what this year’s fest is all about.

The Ottawa Fringe Mega-Preview!


Last year, Matthew Champ and myself Yayed and Nayed our way through the 2011 Ottawa Fringe, reviewing thirty-three shows, talking to countless performers, creators, and attendees for a series of VLOGs, and ultimately producing close to two hours of video. As many of you know already, yes, we’ve come back for more! It all starts with our Mega-Preview. Watch!