Red.Collective presents A Red.Festivus

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The third production in Red.Collective’s 2012-2013 season, A Red.Festivus is a collection of one-act plays with the common themes of couples and the struggles we face within relationships.  Do you hate the person you love?  Or love the person you hate?

REVIEW: Footloose

Ren and Ariel in Orpheus Musical Theatret's Footloose.

Orpheus Musical Theatre Society kicks off their 107th season with another iconic show that was also a movie. For the next couple of weeks, they want to take you into the town of Bomont and ask you to cut loose with them for their production of Footloose. Should you see it?

Orpheus Musical Theatre Society presents Footloose

Orpheus Presents Footloose

Continuing in their trend of incorporating more modern works in their repertoire, Orpheus begins their three-show season with Footloose, a musical based on the popular 1984 film, including music by popular 80′s artists Kenny Loggins, Eric Carmen and Sammy Hagar. Learn more about Orpheus’ Footloose.

REVIEW: Dog Sees God

Dog Sees God, presented by Red.Collective

Red. Collective’s latest presentation over in the Saw Gallery is Dog Sees God, a foray into the world of the comic strip Peanuts with the characters now in their teens. Should you see it?

Red. Collective presents Dog Sees God

Dog Sees God, presented by Red.Collective (feature)

Red.Collective is one of Ottawa’s newer theatre companies, and is presenting a full season of shows as the resident company in Saw Gallery. Dog Meets God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, at the end of this month, is show number two.

REVIEW: Fringe Night Live @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

Fringe Night Live @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

Fringe Night Life is a five-man sketch comedy show mixing live performances and pre-recorded short videos. Should you see it?

REVIEW: Don’t Make Me Zealous @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

Don't Make Me Zealous at Ottawa Fringe 2012

Matt Minter’s Don’t Make Me Zealous sees Tom propose to Jackie and open a whole can of worms about religious expression resulting in him becoming a prophet to the Norse God Odin. Should you see it?

The Ottawa Fringe Mega-Preview!


Last year, Matthew Champ and myself Yayed and Nayed our way through the 2011 Ottawa Fringe, reviewing thirty-three shows, talking to countless performers, creators, and attendees for a series of VLOGs, and ultimately producing close to two hours of video. As many of you know already, yes, we’ve come back for more! It all starts with our Mega-Preview. Watch!