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Ottawa Fringe 2013-Default Feature

Two gladiators prepare for their 1,000th battle - against each other - and reflect at how they got there in Nicholas Amott’s The Fight. It’s a blend of stage-combat and storytelling. Should you see it?

The Fight @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Brennan Richardson (cred Nicholas Amott)

An Ottawa-based theatre company produces this stage fighting-heavy production, starring its own writer/director and choreographer. The Fight is an action-packed battle to the death between two gladiators who have no choice but to fight each other.

REVIEW: Carousel

Orpheus Musical Theatre Society presents Carousel

For Orpheus Musical Theatre Society’s third production this year, they’ve chosen Rodgers & Hammerstien’s Carousel about a carousel barker names Billy Bigelow. Can Carousel match up to the success of Footloose and The Drowsy Chaperone from earlier this season? Should you see it?

REVIEW: Footloose

Ren and Ariel in Orpheus Musical Theatret's Footloose.

Orpheus Musical Theatre Society kicks off their 107th season with another iconic show that was also a movie. For the next couple of weeks, they want to take you into the town of Bomont and ask you to cut loose with them for their production of Footloose. Should you see it?

Orpheus Musical Theatre Society presents Footloose

Orpheus Presents Footloose

Continuing in their trend of incorporating more modern works in their repertoire, Orpheus begins their three-show season with Footloose, a musical based on the popular 1984 film, including music by popular 80′s artists Kenny Loggins, Eric Carmen and Sammy Hagar. Learn more about Orpheus’ Footloose.

REVIEW: Mercutio & Ophelia @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

All of our Fringe 2012 Coverage!

In Fireflood Theatre’s presentation of Mercutio and Ophelia, the two titular characters from different Shakespeare plays meet in a tavern for a nice chat about love and life. Should you see it?

REVIEW: Don’t Make Me Zealous @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

Don't Make Me Zealous at Ottawa Fringe 2012

Matt Minter’s Don’t Make Me Zealous sees Tom propose to Jackie and open a whole can of worms about religious expression resulting in him becoming a prophet to the Norse God Odin. Should you see it?

The Ottawa Fringe Mega-Preview!


Last year, Matthew Champ and myself Yayed and Nayed our way through the 2011 Ottawa Fringe, reviewing thirty-three shows, talking to countless performers, creators, and attendees for a series of VLOGs, and ultimately producing close to two hours of video. As many of you know already, yes, we’ve come back for more! It all starts with our Mega-Preview. Watch!


Orpheus Musical Theatre presents RENT at Centrepointe Theatre

The year is 1996, AIDS runs rampant in New York’s East Village, and a group of starving artists and lost souls live, love, and lose in Orpheus Musical Theatre’s production of the hugely popular Rent, now playing at Centrepointe Theatre. Should you see it?