REVIEW: The Hollow

Ottawa Little Theatre's the Hollow, reviewed by Ottawa Little Theatre.

Ottawa Little Theatre’s second of ten plays from their illiustrious history being presented this season season comes from the 1960s and is set in the 30s. It’s an Agatha Christie play. And there’s murder.

The Ottawa Little Theatre presents The Hollow

The Hollow, previewed by Production Ottawa

Ottawa Little Theatre’s ten shows from ten decades to celebrate their centennial continues with Agatha Christie’s The Hollow, last produced by OLT in 1960. Murder and mayhem abound. Can you figure out whodunit?

The Capital Critics Circle Announces Nominees!

Capital Critics Circle logo

The Capital Critics Circle recently announced the nominees for their English theatre awards, including both professional and community theatre, for plays presented in the 2011-2012 season.

REVIEW: Dr. Cook’s Garden

REVIEW: Dr. Cook's Garden

OTTAWA THEATRE REVIEW: Let’s say you could create the perfect community. The perfect town. Weed out the bad; keep the good, garden until you have perfection. What would the limits be? How would you choose who to keep and whom to remove? Ottawa Little Theatre’s latest production: Dr. Cook’s Garden attempts to answer that question. Should you see it?