Life at Fringe, Day 9 Recap

Day 9 means its time for shows to start wrapping up. Only two days left to see things and windows closing all the time. Tonight was also the night the Best of Venues were announced.

So. No vlog today. We didn’t talk to very many people and I haven’t had time to process it. I will say that if all goes as it should, the last two vlogs will be well worth it though (and the people we talked to on day nine, will be included in that). In fact, the day 10 vlog might be so awesome, I might have to break my twelve minute rule. We’ll see.

Anyway, day nine. Matthew and I saw “What Happens Now?” in Arts Court Library. It was a one-hour stand-up act and had some good moments so if stand-up is what you’re looking for, head out to that. Also saw Wolves > Boys, which had its moments but didn’t do much for me over all. Then, for the first time pretty well ever, I went and saw two shows a second time. I was back at Tess Mc Manus’ Donkey Derby at ten, and then ran off to Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion’s A Macsummer Night’s Dream at eleven. The fact that I saw both shows twice - their last shows of the fest, by the way - says quite a bit, and that I missed my last bus to stay for Macsummer Night’s Dream says more. But if you want actual words, just read the reviews for the shows.

Best in venues were announced. It was no surprise that Vernus Says SURPRISE! won Studio Leonard-Beaulne, or that Little Lady won Arts Court Library. These were givens before day one. Wanderlust won Arts Court Theatre, and while I am a touch surprised that Space Mystery from Outerspace didn’t take it, I knew it was going to be a toss up between those two shows. Where I was totally baffled was that Fallen: The Book of Samael took best of venue for Academic Hall. I’m willing to accept that others liked it more than I did; Kurt gave it a respectable three. But there were many better shows in that venue - from Gametes and Gonads, to White Noise to A Macsummer Night’s dream - which have all been universally praised (all of which got double-fours just here on Production Ottawa). This is a time where I wonder if the policy of basing best of venue on attendance is shown to be wanting as a way to make that decision. Fallen’s advantage was that it had a relatively large cast of locals with a lot of friends who are all dead in the middle of Fringe’s demographic.

See ya around Fringe.

Allan Mackey

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