What’s Happening In Ottawa:


Ottawa Little Theatre presents Beyond a Joke

In Ottawa Little Theatre’s presentation of Beyond a Joke, confusion and hilarity ensue when a miscommunication causes a young man to suspect that his parents-in-law are responsible for a series of deaths on their estate. Check out our video and photo preview.


REVIEW: Mary Magdalene and Adventures in Sobriety & [boxhead]

An immortal Mary Magdalene, drunk and homeless, stumbles into an AA meeting to clean up her act? A geneticist wakes up one morning with a box on his head and decides to clone himself to get to the bottom of it? Yes, indeed. Those are the premises of the two plays that make up Evolution Theatre’s double bill. Should you see them?


Evolution Theatre presents Mary Magdalene and Adventures in Sobriety and [boxhead]

In Mary Magdalene and Adventures in Sobriety, a woman claiming to be Mary Magdalene stumbles into an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting looking for salvation, and in [boxhead] a geneticist who wakes up with a box now inexplicably on his head does what we’d all do given the situation and clones another boxhead. Evolution Theatre’s making a double offering of these shows. Two shows, one ticket.

Take a look at our video and photo preview of Evolution’s evening of entertainment.

Communication Cord - program

REVIEW: The Comunication Cord

Deceptions run amok in The Communication Cord when Tim starts with a simple lie to his prospective father-in-law - that he owns a house in a quaint little Irish hamlet - that quickly spirals completely out of his control. Should you see it?

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Movies: Yays and Nays for April

Should You See It is a movie review podcast produced by Production Ottawa to let you know what’s worth your very-in-demand time or money. Every month the Should You See It team talks about a specific topic on their mind and recaps what’s worth looking at in theatres in the coming month

This month, Matthew Champ talks about the MPAA and the problems with the current rating system for movies.

For the script to this video, or to see other reviews, check out ShouldYouSeeIt.com. Recent reviews include John Carter, 21 Jump Street, The Hunger Games, and Wrath of the Titans.

comm cord preview feature

SevenThirty Productions presents The Communication Cord @ The Gladstone

In Translations, Brian Friel explored cultural assimilation in British-occupied Ireland and here in The Communication cord, Friel takes those themes for a new spin in an Irish farce about the challenges of communication, understanding, and deception. Learn more about The Communication Cord, presented by SevenThirty Productions at The Gladstone.

east of berlin review

REVIEW: East of Berlin

In Hannah Moscovitch’s East of Berlin, presented by the Great Canadian Theatre Company, seventeen year-old Rudi Klausner learns the truth of his father’s involvement as a camp doctor at Auschwitz in World War II and spends years trying to understand and to escape the sins and legacy he’s inherited. Should you see it?

self help review

REVIEW: Self Help

What happens when a pair of married and long struggling actors realize that their talent could be put to use in a much more lucrative way? Grab a seat for Norm Foster’s Self Help, at the Ottawa Little Theatre, and you’ll learn just how funny the answer to that question is. Should you see it?


Algonquin’s Playwriting Hotseat Concludes

Spread over three nights, the Algonquin College Scriptwriting program throws their emerging scriptwriters into a furnace they call Hot House. It’s here that scenes from plays they’ve been diligently working on are handed over to professional actors and an artistic director and put on as a staged reading in front of an audience who are then given the chance to critique the playwright’s work in a live Q&A. The third and final night for this year happens on Monday, April 2.  Watch our preview for Hot House 2012, Night #3


GCTC presents East of Berlin

Is history just something that happened a ways back or is it something that we’re still living now and always will be? When a German teenager living in Paraguay learns that his father was a Nazi doctor who conducted experiments in the camps, his life and moral compass are thrown into disarray. Then, in the course of trying to free himself of his father’s sins, he falls in love with the daughter of an Auschwitz survivor. Take a look at our photo and video preview of GCTC’s East of Berlin.


OLT Presents Self Help

Hal and Cindy Savage are actors turned self improvement coaches who might be able to use a little bit of their own medicine in Norm Foster’s comedy, Self Help. And that’s before the dead body shows up.  Take a look at our video and photo preview of Self Help at the Ottawa Little Theatre.

Orpheus Musical Theatre presents RENT at Centrepointe Theatre


The year is 1996, AIDS runs rampant in New York’s East Village, and a group of starving artists and lost souls live, love, and lose in Orpheus Musical Theatre’s production of the hugely popular Rent, now playing at Centrepointe Theatre. Should you see it?