Production Ottawa: If we're not covering it, it's not happening.

The Status and Future of Production Ottawa

Production Ottawa was started with the goal of becoming a singular repository of information for everything happening in Ottawa and places nearby – the more that’s happening in a thriving and growing city, the more important it is to have a single place to find out about it all. It’s been a good 18-months but where do we go from here?

What’s Happening In Ottawa:

OLT presents I Hate Hamlet

OLT presents I Hate Hamlet

When the ghost of the most prominent actor to grace the stage as Hamlet comes back from beyond, there’s seduction, swashbuckling, and laughter. A whole lot of laughter. I Hate Hamlet opens at the Ottawa Little Theatre this week. Watch the preview.

REVIEW: Whispering Pines

REVIEW: Whispering Pines

Written by Ottawa native and former resident playwright at the GCTC,  Richard Sanger, Whispering Pines explores a series of themes that range from love and loss to governmental control and betrayal. Should you see it?

REVIEW: Dr. Cook's Garden

REVIEW: Dr. Cook’s Garden

Let’s say you could create the perfect community. The perfect town. Weed out the bad; keep the good, garden until you have perfection. What would the limits be? How would you choose who to keep and whom to remove? Ottawa Little Theatre’s latest production: Dr. Cook’s Garden attempts to answer that question. Should you see it?

REIVEW: Speed the Plow

REVIEW: Speed the Plow

Speed the Plow, by renowned playwright, David Mamet, runs through October 22, 2011 at the Gladstone. Should you see it?

Should You See It invades the 2011 Ottawa Fringe Festival

Should You See It invades Ottawa Fringe 2011

In June 2011, The Should You See It team crashed The Ottawa Fringe Festival  in a big way. We reviewed thirty-three shows and cornered everybody we could to hear about their shows, publishing them as daily VLOGs. At the end of the fest, we’d put up over two hours of video footage. Suffice to say, my friends, it was exhausting - and wonderful. Check out our coverage.