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Should You See It invades Ottawa Fringe 2011

In June 2011, The Should You See It team crashed The Ottawa Fringe Festival  in a big way. We reviewed thirty-three shows and cornered everybody we could to hear about their shows, publishing them as daily VLOGs. At the end of the fest, we’d put up over two hours of video footage. Suffice to say, my friends, it was exhausting - and wonderful.

This video directly links off to every video we produced so take a look back on the Fringe that was while we look ahead to Ottawa Fringe 2012.

You can also drop by the Should You See It website ( for individual entries for each review including the written scripts. All 2012 coverage - and we’re planning on even more this year - will be published right here on Production Ottawa.

About Allan Mackey

Allan Mackey is editor-in-chief of Production Ottawa, which, really, is too fancy a title. He also acts as show producer for Should You See It, making sure you get your answer in just about two minutes every time. He writes stuff and occasionally turns that stuff into movies. Keep being awesome!


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