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JOSH’S REVIEW: Nhar Moves (Super Bad Moves) @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Nhar Moves certainly involves a lot of travel, but if feels too slow throughout. It’s cute, but not enough so to save it from feeling a bit tedious. However, Kauffman’s quiet protagonist will get the occasional  chuckle out of you.

Should you see it?

TwoNhar Moves (Super Bad Moves) is the first solo feature from Chris Kauffman, who usually partners with Richard Harrington in tales about their characters Nhar and Gustave. It’s co-written by Emily Windover, and tells the tale of Nhar, a somewhat taciturn man, as he travels the world in search of his dancing fish, who he plans to take on Star Search. Kauffman uses a slide projector to give us the need to knows as well as provide the backgrounds of the various places Nhar visits. It’s a nice touch and allows us to understand what’s going on without relying on the usually mumbling Nhar. From the start, Kauffman’s talent for physical comedy and performance is apparent as he shuffles around in place and even pulls a water-filled fish bowl from a sleeping bag while still inside it too. His subtle gestures and whispers are nice, but they illicit a few chuckles at best. The story seems to drag quite a bit, and it never feels like much is happening, save perhaps for the ending.

If I had to describe Nhar Moves in one word, it would be “cute.” However, it never really gets moving (hardy-har-har). Kauffman is a good performer, and the character he’s crafted is endearing, but I just found myself bored for most of the show.

But these are just my thoughts. If you’ve seen Nhar Moves (Super Bad Moves), please leave a comment below!

Nhar Moves (Super Bad Moves) runs on June 26th and 30th in The Courtroom (BYOV G). For more information, please visit our preview page.

Image for this article provided by Josh Carter via the Ottawa Fringe.


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