REVIEW: It Is What It Is @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

The Orleans Young Players present character and share with the audience in It Is What It Is. Should you see it?

“It Is What It Is” is actually two shows: “Glue” and “Untitled Pieces of Pieces” performed by students of the OYP Theatre School. The first, Glue, tells the story of a new girl who moves in to town and has trouble meeting people. The performances are not bad, but the staging and blocking could have been improved. There is one scene where the girls are skating on a rink, I think anyway, but the staging was random and lacked direction.

The second one, “Untitled Pieces of Pieces”, is a collection of smaller scenes, including dance numbers, sketches and monologues. It was  the stronger of the two, as it had a much more creative use of staging. The dance numbers are the best part, as they are well done and compliment the actual scenes well.

There is a lot of potential in these young actors and, if you can, I encourage you to support the show and see it if you can. It Is What It Is earns itself a three.

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Kurt Shantz

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