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The Great Canadian Theatre Company Unveils a Season of Heart and Humour

With the 2011/2012 theatre season winding down it’s time to look ahead to what’s in store for Ottawa in 2012/2013. Three of Ottawa’s most prominent theatre companies have announced their plans for the coming year and this is one in a series of articles outlining what you can expect from them over the next twelve months. This time: 

The Great Canadian Theatre Company plans for Heart and Humour in 2012/2013.

Presenting from the main stage, Great Canadian Theatre Company Artistic Director, Lisa Ann Johnson unveiled the GCTC’s upcoming 2012/2013 season to a nearly full house. One she describes as full of both heart and humour.

Artistic Director, Lise Ann Johnson talks about the upcoming season.
If you have trouble with the video, watch directly on YouTube.

[Read up on the upcoming season for The Ottawa Little Theatre and The Gladstone Theatre.]

Johnson’s unveiling of the season, which will be her last as GCTC’s Artistic Director, was preceded by Nhanci Wright, Chairperson of the GCTC Board of Directors announcing that over the last year, they’ve been able to raise $770,000 to put against the debt load incurred from their recent move into the newly constructed Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre at Holland and Wellington from 910 Gladstone (current location of The Gladstone Theatre). Raising $770,000 in one year is an incredible achievement and puts the GCTC almost half way towards buying out their mortgage completely.

The GCTC will continue taking donations, big or small, to help reach their goals as they provide another exciting season of professional theatre.

Here’s the full season breakdown, complete with a few short video bytes. Be sure to scroll straight through to the bottom of the article to check out our photo gallery of the season presentation and reception that followed.

THE SECRET MASK, by Rick Chafe, running September 11th through September 30th.

When George gets a call out of the blue to come to the aid of his father, Ernie, who has suffered a stroke and now has aphasia, this proves to be the catalyst that brings the two together after decades apart.

A short excerpt from The Secret Mask.
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FLY ME TO THE MOON, by Marie Jones, running October 13th through November 18th.

A black comedy about two home care workers in Belfast whose one tiny lie after an elderly client, Davy, dies of natural causes, results in their lives spinning hilariously out of control.

Director John P. Kelly interviews playwright Marie Jones via Skype.
If you have trouble with the video, watch directly on YouTube.

THE NUMBER 14, by Axis Theatre, running November 27th through December 18th.

With the help of masks, life-sized puppets, and a lot of song, dance and acrobatics, six highly-skilled actors transform themselves into more than 30 characters and take you on a crazy and wild bus ride adventure.

Lise Ann Johnson talks a little about THE NUMBER 14.
If you have trouble with the video, watch directly on YouTube.

THE BLUE BOX, written and performed by Carmen Aguirre, directed by Brian Quirt, running January 15th through February 3rd.

This is the full length stage adaptation of Carmen Aguirre’s now award winning autobiography (winner of CBC’s Canada Reads) recounting her life as a resistance member in Chile growing up and her obsessive love affair with a Los Angeles movie star. Returning to the GCTC after a sold out run at this year’s Undercurrents where Carmen Aguirre performed a workshop version of the play.

Lise Ann Johnson talks about BLUE BOX.
If you have trouble with the video, watch directly on YouTube.
(Also, check out our Reviews from Undercurrents for more info about that performance.)

THE EDWARD CURTIS PROJECT, by Marie Clements, running April 2nd through April 21st.

On assignment, a Métis Reporter is haunted by the deaths of three aboriginal children and begins to unravel. This visually stunning play combines video and photography with music and choreography to bring you an investigation into the notion of ‘the vanishing race’ ad a testament to the strength and spirit of the aboriginal peoples in North America.

Lise Ann Johnson talks about THE EDWARD CURTIS PROJECT.
If you have trouble with the video, watch directly on YouTube.

LIKE WOLVES, by Ottawa playwright, Rosa Laborde, running June 4th through June 23rd.

Written by last year’s writer in residence at the GCTC, Rosa Laborde, Like Wolves is rich and darkly comic family drama about marriage, dreams, choices, and finally letting go. It sees Vera and Sam visiting a retirement home (Sam’s surprise to her) that has been built on the spot they had their rural honeymoon fifty-four years ago and ending up stuck there when Sam takes ill.

A short excerpt from Like Wolves.
If you have trouble with the video, watch directly on YouTube.

But Wait, There’s More

UNDERCURRENTS: THEATRE BELOW THE MAINSTREAM, runs its 3rd season February 5th through February 17th.

Festival producer, Patrick Gauthier talks about Undercurrents.
If you have trouble with the video, watch directly on YouTube.
(Also, check out our Reviews from Undercurrents if you want to know more about this year’s festival.)

The Great Canadian Theatre Company will also present THE 14th ANNUAL LAWYER PLAY, May 8th through May 11th. Plus, the Lorraine Fritzi Yale Gallery on the 2nd floor lobby of the GCTC (in partnership with the Cube Gallery) will continue to create a unique dialogue between fine art and theatre as, with each play, it presents a new exhibit specifically designed to reflect the artist’s impressions and emotional response to the show. The Acoustic Waves Music Series will be back, too, and you can find more information on their website:

For more information on the Great Canadian Theatre Company’s upcoming season, including subscription information, visit them online or download this very handy brochure with everything you’d want to know.

Which of the plays coming up at the Great Canadian Theatre Company has you most excited? What are you going to be looking forward to most? While all the main shows look great, I think I’m most interested to see what Undercurrents brings us next year.

Tell me what you think in the comments below.

To close us off, here’s a couple of photos from the season unveiling and reception that followed. All photos taken by Production Ottawa photographer, David Pasho and the full gallery can be found on our Facebook page.

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