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Help us promote your shows! (Updated: June 14th)


UPDATE: To reflect the moment! This moment! There are still opportunities to take advantage of!

We at Production Ottawa are actively giving you opportunities to help promote your shows and any shows you’re seeing and loving. Here’s how:

Tweet Us

We want to know what you’re seeing and what you think. When you see a show, tweet us @hithereottawa and tell us. Tell us in 140 or less what you thought, or just plain that you took the time to see that show.  (For the Twitter-averse, we also have a Facebook page.)

Not only will all the tweets give us an idea what people are seeing and liking so we can report it back to you, but we’ll also read out some of the best tweets as part of the VLOGs. (Seriously, if you didn’t see the coverage we did last year, take a quick look at this video to get an idea what I’m talking about.)

Naturally, we’d also love for you to come back here to and comment up a storm on the articles we’re posting.


Somebody from Production Ottawa will be out with a camera every day of Fringe. They’ll be talking to you about your shows, how Fringe is going, what you’re loving, what you’re looking forward to, and so on and so on. Just chatting about life, Fringe and stuff. So find them, go say hello, and see yourself right here on the website!

How do you find us? Follow us on Twitter for live updates. Allan Mackey is @thatmackeyguy. Matthew Champ is @yayornayreviews. Kurt Shantz is @kurtshantz. We’re all up in that Twitter biz.

Help Make Our Video Reviews Better

Unlike, well, just about everybody. We deliver our reviews on camera, in video form. How cool is that? To make our videos better (and make them more useful to you) there’s a few things you can do to help us.

  • Send Photos. One or two high-quality promotional photos we can overlay. Ideally your show in action. (not mega-quality but at least 2mp)
  • Send us Cast names.  There’s no end to the frustration when we can’t find people’s names (with correct spelling) or have a lot of trouble doing so. So help us with your cast (and who they are in the show, is applies) your crew, and any other info we might find useful.
  • Get us a Video bytes. Last year, we spent  a lot of time hounding people after and between shows to get them to tell us about them. We then put these 30 second video bytes in front of the reviews so that no matter what we had to say, you guys got the chance to pimp your shows. (Here’s an example.)While that was fun, to cut down on our leg work, and for technical reasons, we want to do it a bit more efficiently this year.

Email all of these things at any time to ottawafringe©productionottawa•com

About Those Video Bytes

What exactly are these video bytes? They are your chance to tell Ottawa, on camera, why they need to see your show. Why with 52 shows to choose from, yours is the one not to be missed. We roll camera, ask you a couple lead in questions and then get down to the one that matters most: why your show? We add these to our reviews so that your voice is heard and people watching can see how much you love your show.

Plus it’s video. Come in costume. Bring props. Dance. Whatever you think will give the best impression and make people need to see your show.

Make no mistake, the video bytes are very useful for these video reviews to help sell your show. On Wednesday (13th)  we shot some for 20 different shows. But if you missed out on that day, there will be other opportunities when we’ll have the main camera out (different from the VLOG-cam) and set-up to that end.

The best thing you can do is to email mackey©productionottawa•com and let me know you want to record a video byte. Rather than re-updating this, and then making you check it, I can email everybody when I know what’s happening. I’m fairly certain we will set up again on Tuesday the 19th, then one other as-yet-unknown time.

NOTE: If you were one of the shows we previewed — Don’t Make Me Zealous, Alien Predator, Space Mystery, Lonely Bear, The Suicide — then you should still come and do these video bytes. Otherwise we have to recycle footage and who wants that when there are so many fresh things to say and do. :)

See you around Fringe!


About Allan Mackey

Allan Mackey is editor-in-chief of Production Ottawa, which, really, is too fancy a title. He also acts as show producer for Should You See It, making sure you get your answer in just about two minutes every time. He writes stuff and occasionally turns that stuff into movies. Keep being awesome!