Life at Fringe, Day 8 Recap

It’s day eight of Fringe and while we’re definitely getting near the end, there is still a lot to see and a lot of chances to see it. In fact, now is the time everybody’s scrambling with their schedules to make sure they can see as much as their must see list as they can.

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In today’s video, we sit down and chat with two of the youngest performers in this year’s Fringe - who are in one of the most mature plays in this year’s Fringe. We then have a brief chat with Dave Rowan who’s in two shows this year - Don’t Make Me Zealous, and Fringe Night Live. We round the vlog out, talking to master storyteller Martin Dockery of Wanderlust.

Our Life at Fringe series of vlogs is basically us just turning on the camera, telling you what’s happening, and talking to fun and/or interesting people about shows and stuff. We cut out the boring bits, and a couple of the good bits for time, then upload.

If the people I talked to yesterday are any indication, now is when everybody starts looking at their schedule and realizes they’re never going to see everything on their list and frantically goes into strategy mode to see everything they can. I was one of them. Only three days to go and still a whole lot to see.

First thing I did see on day eight was Wanderlust; an amazing storytelling show. Martin Dockery is animated and exuberant telling several stories from his trip to west Africa. I was pleased to get the chance to chat with him for the daily. Props to Kurt for that; he spotted him at Wolves > Boys that evening. (Fun note: the conversation with Martin Dockery is the most uncut chat I’ve had on the vlog.) Interestingly, the vlog seems to have been built around Wanderlust since it was there that I ran into Leyla Sutherland and Laura Teutsch from Danti-Dan, two of the youngest performers in Fringe who happen to be in one of the more mature plays. One thing I, like they, love about Fringe is the variety of performers and shows, and that’s why I wanted to talk to them. The shows by younger, less established company’s aren’t always as well regarded, talked about, or attended as they should be and it’s great to be able to support them.

After Wanderlust, I went to the Roommate and while the play was fine, I was reminded why I so dislike pub-venues. Then I went on to catch two other shows that had been on my “must see” for a while; White Noise, which was beautiful, and Danti-Dan, which built capably to a very strong ending. In between, actually with only five minutes before White Noise was to start, I ran into Dave Rowan and managed a very brief conversation with him about his two shows (Don’t Make Me Zealous, and Fringe Night Live) and his Fringe experience this year.

So now, onto day nine. Hard to believe we’re down to three days. Interestingly, the plan today is to see two shows I’ve already seen. Donkey Derby, and A MacSummer Night’s Dream - last chance to see either, if you were wondering. One big reason I want to see a MacSummer Night’s Dream tonight -aside from having really enjoyed it- is because I worry they’re going to have a tiny audience at 11:00pm. Then again, they’re one of the only shows running at 11 tonight so hopefully people will make sure to see it. Join me?

See ya around Fringe.

Allan Mackey

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