Life at Fringe, Day 2 recap

Did you know that Ottawa Fringe was longer than one day? Well it is. Here’s some of what was happening on day 2. (Edit: fixed the video embed, it is day 2 now)

Having trouble with the video? Watch directly on YouTube instead.

This vlog’s even shorter than day 1 but it’s still a good one. Kurt talks to the lovely Leslie-Ann Glen of Pollux Dance (Heterollectual: Love and Other Dumb Ideas), and Matthew tracks down local indy-film actor, Jody Haucke. If you’re really eagle-eyed, you might spot a certain festival executive producer, too.

If you’re not familiar with the vlog “style” of video-journalism, see the brief note in day one’s article for an explanation.

I don’t have much to say about day two of Fringe, because I wasn’t there. It was what I promise will be only zero show day. I was down in Fringe central for about 15 minutes to pick up the day’s video and there’s a lot of talk going on about Lonely Bear’s open. I’m hearing people either really enjoy it, or they are disturbed by it. How to tell which side of that coin you’d fall on, I have no idea. You just might have to try it and see.

Even though I wasn’t physically present at Fringe, I did manage to get my Fringe on. I spent the very long bus ride out to Stittsville (yeah, the one past Kanata) listening to the Behind the Fringe podcast. Very worth your time if you’re any kind of Fringer - which if you’re reading this, I have to assume you are - so find it on  iTunes,, or using the link in the previous sentence. I especially recommend the Ken Godmere episode.

Alas, that’s all. What more can I say, not having seen any shows today? Hopefully you were following Matthew and Kurt‘s exploits and tweviews. Tomorrow, day 3, Kurt will be on site and vlogging all day, Matthew’s only Fringing tomorrow night, and I will be racing as fast as I can (actually the taxi will) from Stittsville after work to catch the late showing of the adorably wonderful Tess Mc Manus’ one-woman show, Donkey Derby.

Naturally, if you see me out there, let me know where the hype is. What are people talking about on day 3? What are you seeing and loving? You tell me, I tell Ottawa (unless you ask me not to). It’s the way of things.

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