Life at Fringe, Day 10 Recap.

We have officially made it to the end. Day 10 marks the penultimate day of Fringe. And there’s still so much to see! Plus we chat with a couple artists for the vlog and sit down for an extra long conversation with some of the people behind of one of this year’s hits: Space Mystery from Outerspace.

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In today’s vlog we chat with Dillon George about his show Love Bug Louie and find out just what Bouffant theatre is. Then we talk to Bryan Cook about putting together Alien Predator: the Musical. Finally we sit down for an extra long feature chat with two of the three people behind Dead Unicorn Ink who brought you the hits Space Mystery from Outerspace this year, and Playing Dead last year.

Our life at Fringe series of vlogs is simply us turning on the camera, briefly telling you what’s happening, and then talking to some cool and/or interesting people. Cut out the boring bits and even a couple of the good bits for time, and then it’s online.

Hard to believe it’s day ten already. It’s just kind of blown by. Did a five-show circuit today. Trashman’s Dilemma was pretty strong, 100 First Kisses, This is today, and Leftovers were various shades of kind of okay. Of course, if you missed some of the tweets yesterday, the fifth show I saw (not chronologically) was Little Orange Man. Like pretty well everybody I’ve talked to over the last few days, this show just blew me away. There were a *lot* of really great shows this year - it’s been a hell of a Fringe - but very little even came close to the experience of being in the front row (excluding floor seating) for SNAFU Dance Theatre’s Little Orange Man. If you ever get the chance to see this, or its sequel, and turn it down, then you deserve to be set upon by a plague of locusts.

Winding down towards the end of Fringe, the vlogging strategy had to change a bit. First, it becomes harder to find new people to talk to. Second, while it’s still great to meet the artists behind the shows, nobody’s really looking for information on what they should see anymore. So with today’s Life at Fringe I wanted to have a nice feature conversation with some of the people behind Dead Unicorn Ink, Patrice Forbes and Mike Doiron, about this year’s show (Space Mystery from Outerspace), last year’s show (Playing Dead), what it was like having hits two years in a row, about their plans for their company and for the future. Part of the conversation is in the vlog above, and I’ll be uploading the rest today as a feature video.

Tomorrow on the vlog, the plan (which is subject to change) I’ll be sitting down with my reviewers Matthew Champ and Kurt Shantz to talk about their Fringe experience and their favourites. Plus we’re going to finally try and connect with the elusive Ken Godmere and his daughter for a 2nd feature chat about Vernus says SURPRISE!, we’re hoping to talk to the Ottawa Fringe Festival Executive Producer, Natalie Joy Quesnel, and maybe do quick updates with some of the people we’ve met already to get some final words.

It will be worth coming back for.

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