REVIEW: Dead Wrong @ The Ottawa Fringe Festival

In Katherine Glover’s one-woman show, Dead Wrong, a woman is forced to confront her past when she learns that new evidence has exonerated the man she picked out of a police line-up for a brutal assault against her.

Writer-performer Katherine Glover tells you why you should see Dead Wrong:

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Dead Wrong is Katherine Glover’s one-woman show about a woman who, after being raped and severely beaten, picks the wrong man out of the police lineup, ultimately sending him to jail for a rape he did not commit. The play, while fictionalized, is based on many real life accounts of how eye-witness testimony can be easily manipulated and wrong.

Katherine Glover is phenomenal. She’s a great writer. She has a great stage presence but I personally feel like she approached this subject from the wrong angle. By making herself, the main character, the one who was wrong – yet so adamantly sure that she was right – she almost makes the main character, despite the trauma that she went through, unlikeable. Glover’s script would also jump from being a presentation of this broken character into being conversational, where it feels like she wanders off the script and starts to say “um” a lot.

With a one-hour one-woman show the play eventually did have to wrap up; and Glover did it capably to give some closure to some characters, but not to all. This play attempts to show the holes and cracks in the Criminal Justice System – and it starts to shine a light on the issue. This is definitely a play that deserved more than the 8 people that were in its audience and gets a high three.

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