Cultural Life of Ottawa

Ottawa is called the capital of Canada not in vain: a beautiful city stretched on the banks of the eponymous Ottawa River, which is the beauty of Canadian nature. The city also deserves the title of the cultural capital because here that most of the Canadian museums with a rich exhibition are located. In addition, Ottawa is the official residence of the federal government of the country and one of the largest scientific centers.

How did it become the capital of Canada?

The city was founded in the distant 1820s and was intended for soldiers and artisans who came there to build the Rideau Canal. Later, in 1850, Ottawa became known as the city of lumberjacks, and in 1857, it became the capital of the united province of Canada and then the capital of the state. Later, Ottawa showed itself as the main industrial and transport center, which fully deserves its status as the capital. Ottawa is considered the fourth largest city in Canada, it concentrates a large part of the country's infrastructure and cultural life. Countless museums, festivals, and greenery annually attracts thousands of tourists from different parts of the globe.You no longer need to use russia dating sites because you can meet on the street.

Cultural Capital

Ottawa may well be called the cultural capital: here the famous National Art Gallery is situated where you can see extensive collections of both sculptures and paintings by great masters. Also, in Ottawa, there is the Military Museum with the most interesting exposition associated with the two World Wars. And the history of Canada is always available at the Museum of Civilization. But the most important thing is that in Ottawa, there is an unspoken symbol of the whole country: the complex of buildings of Parliament. No wonder the city is so popular among tourists.

Green Capital

The city is rightly called “green”. There is a huge number of parks and public gardens, as well as a huge “Greenbelt” – a park covering almost the entire territory of Ottawa and consisting of extensive forest land and agricultural areas. If you like nature, then this is for you!

Entertainment capital

Ottawa provides not only cultural leisure and fresh park air. There a significant number of holidays for every taste are also annually held. You can attend a jazz or blues festivals. And for fans of the classics, the city has prepared a festival of chamber music. In addition, on the 1st of July, you can celebrate the birthday of Canada with the townspeople.

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