The Great Canadian Theatre Company presents Circle Mirror Transformation

In Annie Baker’s Circle Mirror Transformation, five people take a six-week drama class for actors and what they get is as much a journey of self-discovery as anything.

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Circle Mirror Transformation runs at the Great Canadian Theatre Company now through June 10th. Full details on the GCTC website.

UPDATE: Here’s the official Production Ottawa review for Circle Mirror Transformation.

Our short bonus video below sees Lise Ann Johnson talk about what it was like directing Circle Mirror Transformation as the final show of what will be her last season as Artistic Director of the Great Canadian Theatre Company.

Trouble with the video? Watch directly on YouTube.

And when you get out to see this play, do check out the Fritzi Gallery on the GCTC’s second floor lobby. For every mainstage show, a new fine art exhibit is prepared with the artwork tailored by the selected artist to fit the themes and emotions of the show. Through this collaboration with the Cube Gallery, the Great Canadian Theatre Company is able to provide a unique pairing of theatre and fine art for their patrons.

Throughout the run of Circle Mirror Transformation and until June 30th, the Fritzi Gallery will exhibit works by Nicole Crozier, an emerging artist in her third year of the BFA program  at the University of Ottawa:

“In Annie Baker’s play, the characters participation in the class exercises migrates from simply acting them out to them becoming a means of revealing each individual’s own personal drama. This made me think about how our first impressions of others are only fragments of their actual selves. In a similar way our own self-perception is also fragmented: we will never know how we appear to others.”

Here are two samples from the exhibit, presented with the gracious permission of the Great Canadian Theatre Company.

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Photo Credit: Feature image for this article, showing the cast of Circle Mirror Transformation, was taken by Andrew Alexander and is used here with permission from the Great Canadian Theatre Company.

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