Black Sheep Theatre presents Bat Boy: The Musical

The Bat is back!  Dave Dawson’s Black Sheep Theatre brings Bat Boy: The Musical back to the stage, with the versatile Zach Counsil returning in the title role.  Will you let him into your heart?  (Perhaps through your chest?)

Zach Counsil and Dave Dawson talk about Batboy and give you a sneak preview:

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Black Sheep Theatre presents Batboy: the Musical, running at The Gladstone. Inspired by a 1992 story in the Weekly World News, this pop-rock musical tells the strange tale of Edgar, a mysterious creature found in a cave in rural West Virginia and his integration into society. Bat Boy: The Musical is a bold blend of broad comedy and playful satire. It has won multiple awards for best Off-Broadway musical and was called “a giggling cult hit” by The New Yorker.

Story and book for Bat Boy: The Musical are by Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming, with music and lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe.  The play is directed by Dave Dawson and stars Zach Counsil as Bat Boy, Kris Joseph (Dr. Parker), Rebekah Shirey (Meredith Parker), Alessia Lupiano (Shelley Parker), David Benedict Brown, Hilary Carroll, Ben Montgomery, Tim Oberholzer and Rebecca Perry.

The show runs at the Gladstone from January 15th to February 2nd at 8pm and some 3pm weekend matinees.  See for exact times.  Tickets are $39, with discounts for seniors and students.  They can be purchased online at The Gladstone’s website, by calling 613.233.4523, emailing gladstoneboxoffice©gmail•com, or in person at the door: 910 Gladstone.

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Preview article prepared by Reena Belford and Allan Mackey.
Video preview produced by Valley Wind Productions.
Producer: Allan Mackey
Photographer: David Pasho


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