Matthew Champ

About Matthew Champ

Matthew Champ is the lead movie reviewer for Production Ottawa's Should You See It team, making sure that you know whether or not these movies or plays are worth spending your time or money on.

REVIEW: Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street Art+Type

The Gladstone Theatre’s annual radio play has become a holiday tradition, and this year’s offering is a classic Christmas tale suitable for the entire family. Should you see it?

REVIEW: Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal

Eddie The Sleepwalking Cannibal poster

Produced by local company Quiet Revolution Productions and filmed here in Ottawa, this Canadian zombie flick aired at various international film festivals over the past year and had its theatrical premiere in Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary at the end of September. Now available on iTunes, it’s time for Canadian horror fans to check it out. Should you see it?


The Day

Post-apocalyptic thriller and locally-produced feature “The Day” was released on DVD and Blu-Ray last week (and is available on iTunes as of this week). Low-budget with a small cast, but stylistic in its execution, it was very fairly well-received at both the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival and 2012 Ottawa International Film Festival. Should you see it?

REVIEW(s): Fresh Meat Theatre Festival

The Fresh Meat Theatre Festival

What happens when a fair-sized group of Ottawa’s emerging artists decide it’s time to showcase their talents? An evening of theatre, six-micro-shows long, with each one being as different from the others as the artists themselves. Should you see it?

REVIEW: House at the End of the Street

House at the End of the Street Review

Jennifer Lawrence (of Hunger Games fame) is the star of House at the End of the Street - the Zed Filmworks produced flick that saw a wide theatrical release this weekend. Should you see it?

REVIEW: What Happens Now? @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

Andrew Chapman in What Happens Now? at Ottawa Fringe 2012

Andrew Chapman’s show What Happens Now is an hour-long stand-up comedy act, largely built around an Ottawa theme. Should you see it?

REVIEW: Mabel’s Last Performance @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

All of our Fringe 2012 Coverage!

Mabel’s Last Performance sees Mabel combats Alzheimer’s in a nursing home where she fights against a retirement she’s not yet ready for. Should you see it?


Vernus Says SURPRISE at Ottawa Fringe 2012

In Ken Godmere’s much hyped one-man show, Godmere is 89-yr old Vernus, a man just trying to cope in a world that’s long given him up and buy a birthday gift for his granddaughter. Should you see it?

REVIEW: Leftovers @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

All of our Fringe 2012 Coverage!

It’s the end of days and three survivors comtemplate life in the CostMart. Should you see it?

REVIEW: More Power to Your Knitting, Nell @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

More Power To Your Knitting, Nell

Nell is not only a singer but the voice behind a movement of knitters, knitting for the troops to keep morale up in WWII. Nell, however, hates knitting. Should you see it?