The Return of Two Fun Fringe Shows

Fans of science fiction theatre (or just fun theatre in general) are in for a treat next week with remount of two successful shows from this year’s Fringe Festival: Alien Predator: The Musical, and Space Mystery from Outerspace. 

Remounted as a double header in conjunction with Summer Fling, these are two shows that got a lot of buzz during Fringe 2012 and couldn’t be a better match for a fun evening of sci-fi themed entertainment.

Alien Predator: The Musical - A musical reimagining of the movie Predator with mentions of other 80′s creature features.  Classic solidiers wander into the jungle and are killed off one by one by an invisible Alien!!!  It features 8 original songs including “It’s Game over Man!” and the love song” Head for the Chopper. It is camp at it’s bloodiest!

Space Mystery from Outerspace - Rick Derringer has solved some serious head scratchers in his days as a Private Dick, but when Femme Fatale Selma Widowmaker walks into his office, Rick quickly finds he may be over his head in a case that unexpectedly takes him to Outer Space.

To se you up with what you can expect, we covered both shows as part of our Fringe 2012 Mega-Preview (video) as well as talked to two of the members of Dead Unicorn Ink in an extended interview (video). Here’s what Bryan Cook thinks Ottawa can expect from Alien Predator the Musical this time out:

If they sit in the front row possibly a little bit of blood on their pants.  They can expect great music, fun characters and lots of pop culture references both past and present.  This show isn’t high art and doesn’t try to be. We want to make people laugh and provide them with a fun night before heading out to the bar.

And what the folks from Dead Unicorn Ink think Ottawa can expect from Space Mystery from Outerspace:

We work to create a memorable theatre experience that will entice audiences to return to the live stage, whether it be a Dead Unicorn show or not. Audiences can expect a classic film genre that’s presented in ridiculous and spectacular scenes that thrive upon a live experience.

Both Alien Predator: The Musical and Space Mystery from Outerspace were favourably reviewed by our Fringe reviewers (click show titles to read the reviews and see more video) with Space Mystery from Outerspace being one of our few five-rated shows. Space Mystery from Outerspace was also named Fan Favourite at Fringe this year. But more than just bringing it back, both shows are undergoing some changes for the remount. In their own words:

There have been some subtle changes to the script and some major changes to the cast as the entire female ensemble has been recast. We’re looking to use more blood and keep making the show as fun and as campy as is possible. - Bryan Cook

We’ve added a few elements that we were forced to cut from our Fringe show due to time constraints. Audiences can expect to see much more space squirrel. - Mike Doiron

Alien Predator: The Musical was written by Betty-Jane Horton with music by Bryan Cook and directed by Laura Young. It stars Andrea Connell, Michael Kosowon, Gabrielle Lazarovitz, Brooke Cameron, Betty-Jane Horton, Will Lafrance, Jonah Lerner, Jonny Trafford

Space Mystery from Outerspace was written by Jeremy Doiron and directed by Mike Doiron. It stars Tom Charlebois, Arras Hopkins, Mike Doiron, Sylvie Recoskie, Marissa Caldwell, and Jake William Smith.

The double-header runs for four nights at Arts Court Theatre - where both shows ran at Fringe - from August 30 to September 2nd. Shows alternate 8pm starting spots with the second show starting at 9:30. There will be a cash bar to help keep you busy during the extended break required for set changes. Tickets are $12 and get you into both shows.  Here’s the Facebook event for a tad more info or to confirm attendance.

Press for the Double Header:

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More press for Alien Predator: The Musical:

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(If you know of any other online press for either show, send us an email and we’ll add it to the article.)

Did you see either of these shows at Ottawa Fringe this year? What did you think of them? Are you planning on attending the double header? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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