10 Minutes with Ken Godmere

As the 2012 Ottawa Fringe wound down, we pulled aside Ken Godmere to talk a bit about his hit show Vernus Says SURPRISE!

Trouble watching the video? Watch directly on YouTube.

On the last day of the 2012 Ottawa Fringe Festival, Allan caught up with Ken Godmere to talk about the inspiration and development of his hit show, Vernus Says SURPRISE!, the amazing technical achievement of putting together such a comprehensive soundscape (which drives the show), including the support of 19 local voice actors and what it is like performing in his home town and getting back to “Ken” again. Plus, the exclusive on the future of Vernus.

To see more with Ken Godmere, watch our Life at Fringe, Day 11 Recap, where Ken talks about some of the amazing reactions he’s gotten to Vernus Says SURPRISE!, tells us about his favourite show of the festival, and answers the daily random question: If I handed you a Hallmark card, what would it say?

You can also check out the official website for Vernus Says SURPRISE!, watch his fun promo video, or listen to the emotional conversation he has with Natalie Joy Quesnel on the Behind the Fringe podcast.

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