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The Zombie Apocalypse Comes to Ottawa

Have you been noticing the smell of decaying flesh lately? That could be the sweet smell of all the zombies local director Brett Kelly is bringing to town. In an effort to raise funds for his latest movie, “My Fair Zombie”, Kelly is set to invade the Mayfair theatre for a night of zombie-themed mayhem headlined by Kelly’s own 2005 cult-hit, “My Dead Girlfriend“.

Brett Kelly also stars in the headlining My Dead Girlfriend

In addition to My Dead Girlfriend, the event, called Zombie Night in Canada, will also highlight the work of other local filmmakers; screening Anik Rompre’s “Zombies vs Love”, Ralph Gethings’ “Walking Dead Tales“, and Randy Smith’s “Fear of the Living Dead“. The filmmakers will be on hand through the evening and while there’s no word on any kind of talk back or Q&A, they will be handing out a selection of door prizes to lucky audience members. Let’s hope initiation into the ranks of the living dead isn’t top prize - unless it’s in the movie.

Proceeds from Zombie Night in Canada will be put towards the production of My Fair Zombie - a zombified parody of Pygmalion - when it goes to camera in the spring, and Kelly plans to give attendees to this little soiree a sneak peek at what will be his 22nd movie. Brett Kelly’s decade-and-then-some career has seen international DVD or video-on-demand distribution on all of his films, including The Bonesetter, Pirates: Quest for Snake Island, and most recently, Hell at My Heels, which was picked for North American Release by Lionsgate.

If you’re an undead sympathsizer or living impaired yourself and/or just want to support local filmmaking and have a good time, get yourself out for an, er, lively, night of fun when the dead rise on February 16th. The event starts at 9pm at the Orleans Mayfair (250 Centrum Blvd) with a nine dollar ticket. No discount for the living dead, sorry. And note that neither the undead nor the Mayfair take plastic, so bring cash.

Bullet point details:

  • Zombie Night in Canada
  • Feb 16th 2 9pm
  • Mayfair Orleans (250 Centrum Blvd)
  • Tickets: $9


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